This Company's 'Pause Pod' Is Pretty Much A Tent And Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter/Insider

The Pause Pod looked familiar to some Twitter users

We’re living in the future, with the internet making pretty much anything possible. People can invent new things and throw up a GoFundMe or Kickstarter and possibly have their idea actually happen, no matter how ridiculous it might be.

The latest big dreamer to capture our hearts is a Swedish company that created something called a Pause Pod, and they’re now being relentlessly destroyed on Twitter, because you guys, it’s a freaking tent.

The Pause Pod, created by folks in Gothenburg, Sweden, is currently being sold on Indiegogo after being funded by Kickstarter. It’s a, um, pod. That you pause in. It really has no other features distinguishing it from a tiny tent other than the “foldable leg compartment” that allows its user to fully stretch out. You know, to fully stretch out and actually lay down at work or wherever you please, because that’s a thing we do I guess.

Why not look like a total asshole on the job, eating a banana in a pup tent while everyone else plugs along?

Image via Twitter/Insider

Or really go for it with being That Guy and just fucking meditate as the world goes on around you. You do you, man.

Image via Twitter/Insider

You could also make absolutely no sense at all and open the thing up in the comfort of your own home, which presumably has couches and beds.

Image via Twitter/Insider

None of this lunacy was lost on Twitter, particularly the fact that maybe the creators of this dynamite new craze in relaxation don’t realize that tents are already a thing.

And that their marketing video could use some work if it’s to translate in the real world.

It’s like, RIGHT there, dude.

Maybe they did, you don’t know.

Yup. He’s definitely doing it.

Another thing Pause Pod critics couldn’t help pointing out is the population the Pod would be truly useful for — the homeless.

Since the Pod claims to block out light and sound, it would be helpful to those without a home who need a quiet place to sleep, but in all likelihood, it will just be sold to that douche in the cube next to you for his workplace fruit eating.

Oh, internet. Never change.

H/T: BuzzFeed