These Photos Are Peak #ParentingGoals

Her View From Home (left) / Facebook (right) / PINK via Instagram

There is nothing that slaps my ass in gear like seeing another parent nailing it. We know what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander, but we all pretty much have the same goal when it comes to our parenting: We want to raise non-asshole kids without losing our damn minds.

And thanks to social media, I’ve come across some brilliant parents who get shit done and set an awesome example for their kids while teaching them how to be the best version of themselves.

Terrel Rico Relz Crawford knows how to take care of a tantruming child. His video on how he handed this tough situation went viral earlier this year and is the ultimate #parentinggoal.

Parenting in the age of social media is tricky as hell, but ReaFrey gets why filters can send the wrong messages, especially to our young girls. “Less filters, more real life” — now that’s something we need to throw around like confetti.

This wonderful post by Brittney Johnson about welcoming her ex’s new girlfriend into her life, and her daughter’s life, is the most amazing way to face a normally uncomfortable situation.

We love us some PINK. She isn’t afraid to talk about what being a working mother is really like. This photo of her pumping on the job is a reminder of just how awesome moms are.

Kristen Bell is a huge celebrity and busy mom, yes, but she constantly uses her platform for the greater good. This picture shows how she carves out time to play bingo with seniors who had to evacuate during Hurricane Irma.

Tara_ wood_writer is the perfect example of what all married couples fantasize about — a weekend away to have lots of sex in a hotel, sans kids. These two have seven kids, if they can make time to get away and have their way with each other in some place other than the sofa after all the kids have gone to bed, then so can we.

Heidi Hamm, the voice behind Her View From Home, knows how to bring her stress level a few notches. Simply close the damn door and ignore the mess. Done and done.

All of these examples are the perfect reminders that parenting is really hard, and we are all just trying to do our best. But above all else, we need to remember there isn’t anyone who is nailing it all of the time. We don’t always bring our A-game. It’s okay to have #parentinggoals so long as you don’t hold yourself prisoner to them every day. That’s just way too much pressure. Sure, my kids might help me make dinner tonight, but tomorrow we are so hitting the drive-thru.