Everyone's Making Fun Of Peloton's Ridiculous Holiday Ad

by Valerie Williams
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Peloton rolled out a holiday commercial that has people both confused and worried for its star

Peloton’s holiday commercial is receiving major backlash — and for good reason. It’s completely ridiculous. In it, a husband gifts his clearly already fit wife one of the stupidly pricey stationary bikes ($2,245 for the bike and another $39/month for the class subscription service) and the rest of the ad is devoted to her “journey” to, uhhhh, still being super fit? It’s quite a ride, y’all — pun fully intended.

If you had to drum up a Family Feud-style list of the worst Christmas gifts for a husband to give his wife, exercise equipment would surely land in the top three. Unless it’s explicitly requested, that’s a bold-ass move, buddy. And judging by the woman’s surprise in this bonkers commercial, she was not at all expecting a luxury stationary bike as her “big” gift this year. The spot is called “The Gift That Gives Back” and you’re just gonna have to watch before any further discussion. Because holy shit.

Did anyone else slow this down a few times to see if the woman was trying to blink out “help me” in morse code? Just me? K.

So she compiles a year-long selfie video showing just how much she’s enjoying her Peloton bike and that’s what she gives her husband on Christmas the next year. She wakes at 6am (WORTH IT), works out five days in a row, and has her name called out by the computer person teaching her “class.” By the end, she’s all kinds of inspired and makes moony eyes at her husband. “A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me,” she said.

Not at all totally creepy, right? But there’s a lot more to unpack here.

Like, why does she look TERRIFIED?

Overall, people are just kind of concerned about her husband’s, um, intentions.

Others made more interesting observations about the family’s life outside of their Peloton situation. Gotta admit, these all nail it.

Naturally, the parodies are coming out.

And there’s this incredibly spot-on observation. As I watched it, I was waiting for the vibe to take a sudden and dark turn. It definitely didn’t feel like a fitspo commercial so much as a mini horror movie.

But in the end, it’s really just uniting people during a very divisive time.

Most people can probably agree that this commercial is bananas and all stationary bikes eventually become laundry holders.

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