Penn Badgley Narrated TikToks As Joe Goldberg

Joe goldberg narrates tiktoks penn badgley netflix

You don’t have to wait until Season 4 of ‘You’ to hear new creepy narration from Joe Goldberg

Just when we thought we would have to settle for rewatches and delving into You conspiracy theories to satiate our hunger for more of Netflix’s creepily addictive show, the streaming service delivered two minutes of perfection. The streaming giant promoted the latest season of the stalker saga on TikTok with the #NarrateMeJoe challenge. Two lucky fans got to hear what it would be like if Joe Goldberg decided that they were the object of his desire before things go south, as they are wont to do for Joe Goldberg.

The official Netflix TikTok account reposted two fan videos with a duet with the one and only Penn Badgley as the violent stalker. The actor seemingly improvises the narration in the voice of Joe as he watches his future victims indulge in the mundane.

We are impressed (and honestly, a little creeped out) at how good Badgley is at whipping up these narratives

In the first video posted, ‘Joe’ watches on as a TikTok user named Drew washes a vintage sweater. “So the first step to fixing something is to know that no matter how destroyed it seems, it can always be saved,” Badgley starts. The narration continues and we discover that poor Drew seems to have become a victim over the course of the 60-second video, as Badgley continues, “The right combination of tenderness, love, care, and sometimes a lethal amount of industrial strength bleach can set things right.”

The second video, which has racked up over 9 million views and 2 million likes since its release a few days ago, features a TikTok user named Kasey browsing the manga section of a bookstore. Of course, given the environment, Badgley opens up this narration with the goosebump-inducing, “Hello, you.”

He then quips about Kasey’s choices. “Beaststars? No, not you. You prefer to get your black and gray morality elsewhere.” A friend of Kasey’s followed behind in a baseball cap a la Joe, which Badgley calls out perfectly. “You search volume by volume carefully. You’re particular. I can see that ’cause I’m like three feet way from you.”

People have big feelings about the TikToks. Some have noted that despite the fact that, you know, Joe Goldberg is a violent and obsessive stalker, there just is something about his narrative voice.

Like, seriously. It’s a problem.

Others have to give credit where credit’s due — this is a super fun way to market the show.

Here’s hoping that Badgley feels inspired to narrate a few more as we patiently wait to see what Joe Goldberg is up to after the wild ride that was Season 3.