People Are Waiting In Line For Hours For This 'Beauty And The Beast' Cup

by Julie Scagell
Image via Instagram

Beauty and the Beast fans are freaking out over this enchanted rose cup

I love Disney. I love everything about Disney. In fact, I spent good money vacationing in Disney’s theme parks before I even had kids. But you could not get me to stand in line for hours for a Disney-themed plastic cup. Disneyland Park has released an enchanted rose cup to commemorate the March 17th release of Beauty and the Beast and people are standing in line for hours to get their mitts on one.

The park, located in Anaheim, CA, has turned its Village Haus Restaurant into the Red Rose Taverne in anticipation of the movie’s release. The cup is only sold here, along with Beast-inspired fare like Grey Stuff Gateau and Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich (otherwise known as I’ll Be Hungry In An Hour). Beast fans are waiting up to four hours in line to get their hands on the exclusive enchanted rose cups after an Instagram post of one went viral, according to New York Magazine.

Unless this cup comes with tiny, child-sized muzzles I can strap on my kids once I finally reach the front of the pack, I can’t fathom the thought of standing for hours in line with my children waiting for one. It would be absolute carnage. My own mother still talks about the Great Cabbage Patch Kid Debacle of 1983. She tells the tale in hushed whispers, using phrases like “so many mothers,” “she had it coming,” and “I was so cold,” then starts rocking back and forth. She came home with a doll, but she was never the same.

Because people are people, one greedy bastard is even trying to sell their cup for 1,999.99 on eBay with the caption “This is once-in-a-lifetime limited edition cup. You will never ever get one of these while they’re gone. You only live once if you’re a Disney fanatic jump on this.” Sir, you have LOST YOUR MIND. We don’t think you were meant to fill the cup with straight up tequila and slam it before you posted this nonsense. Unless your particular cup is filled with $1,990, we’re gonna take a pass.

If you are considering hopping online and buying the cup that guy is selling or any of the dozens of others people are trying to get $100 or more for, step away from the computer. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Aggressively pet your cat. Then, repeat after me:

It’s just a plastic cup.

It’s just a plastic cup. It’s just a plastic cup.

We agree, the cup is nice to look at. And it is getting a lot of fanfare because it lights up when you press it. But so does a light bulb (thanks Thomas Edison) and you don’t have to wait four hours for it. But if you must get your hands on one and are nowhere near Disneyland, there are plenty of decent folks selling them on Ebay for $20-30. They only cost $15 at the Taverne but a few extra bucks not to have to stand in line for hours may be worth it.