People From 'Sh*thole Countries' Are Sharing Their Achievements On Twitter

by Cassandra Stone
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Many people from ‘shithole countries’ shared their impressive accomplishments

Following Trump’s irredeemable comments made in an official White House meeting with lawmakers — where he referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries as “shithole countries” — people on Twitter are speaking out. Specifically people from those “shithole” countries, who are sharing their personal and professional achievements and inspiring everyone.

A viral thread that started with Twitter user @AF_ROdisiac soon took off with several people listing their accomplishments, and it’s is a powerful read.

“I’m a future doctor. I’m a medical student. I have three degrees. I speak three languages. I’m published in psych-oncology. I’m a member of Zeta Phi Beta. I’m from a shithole country!” The initial tweet inspired others like her to share their academic, professional, and charitable achievements.

There were recent college graduates speaking out.

As well as high school seniors, who also aren’t taking any of Trump’s “shit.”

Some people even threw Trump’s campaign slogan back in his face.

This human rights activist wasn’t afraid to let it be known who the real “shithole” is.

A common theme among many of these people — aside from their incredible academic prowess — is that they dedicate their lives, in one way or another, to helping people. Which is more than any member of our current administration seems capable of doing.

While each and every one of these people and everything they’ve achieved is quite remarkable, it’s a shame our racist president made them feel like they had to defend themselves and their worth in the first place. People who wish to immigrate to the United States are worthy of respect, compassion, and admiration regardless.

Unfortunately, so long as we have a racist in the White House, it doesn’t look like that’ll be the case. #MAGA though, right?

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