Perfect Enough

by Jennifer Hall
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I am a mom who makes mistakes.

I will never claim perfection.

I lose my patience. I yell.

I tend to give my kids too many choices, thinking everything should be fair to everyone.

I let my kids eat too much junk food, watch too much TV and play too many video games.

Every summer I suck at keeping my kids on a regular bathing schedule.

Sometimes my kids (and my husband) run out of clean socks before I get to doing their laundry.

I’m not good at making sure we have something planned for dinner every night.

I don’t MAKE my children read every day.

I suck at playing games with my kids.

I can’t get them to every activity they want to go to.


The longer I wade through motherhood (13 years now) the better I get at keeping my cool, taking deep breaths and setting the example of how to behave for my kids.

I don’t believe in being a dictator parent, but I have learned that too many choices can lead to too much leeway, too much rope, especially for my clever boy.

I don’t believe in any one thing being off limits, so I do let my kids have treats, watch their shows and play their video games. But we set down some rules governing all 3 of those things, and I feel good about that.

Bathing may be inconsistent at times, but I don’t let my children go out looking filthy and I do make them brush their teeth everyday.

My family might run out of some clean clothing from time to time, but they generally have everything they need. It doesn’t take long to run a load of laundry.

I don’t hate cooking, but it’s not my favorite thing in the world to do. Things taste better when someone else makes them! Regardless of whether or not we have something planned, no one goes hungry.

I don’t tell my kids they HAVE to read each day, but I do encourage them to. And they see me reading. I think forcing them would make them not like it.

I honestly do not enjoy playing board games or pretend with my kids, so I rarely do it. But I do other things with them. (Although, the older they get, the more appealing it is.

I can’t drive because I have crappy eyes, which sometimes means my kids can’t go somewhere they wanted to go. If their dad is available, he takes them, or if we have a friend who can, or Grampa can, they get to go. As guilty as I sometimes feel about this, I know they’ll survive the fleeting disappointment.

I may not be perfect, but I am ENOUGH.

I take good care of my kids.

I think of what they need before what I need.

I am humble enough to admit my mistakes and learn from them. I believe this is a good example for my kids to see.

I LIKE my kids. They are enough for ME.

I give them more than enough hugs and kisses.

I care about their schooling. I communicate with their teachers and help with homework.

I make sure they get enough sleep at night.

I make regular doctor appointments and get them their shots.

I snuggle with them when they’re sick. I kiss their boo-boos. I laugh with them. I’m not afraid to talk about the tough stuff. I KNOW them like no one else does.

I love them more than I can even express. They are my heart. And I tell them so every day.

I am their mom.

I may not be a perfect mom, but I am perfect ENOUGH.

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