I Have Found The Answer To My Smelly-Pet Problems

by Sara Farrell Baker
kitzzeh / Shutterstock

The litmus test for knowing if I consider you a close friend rather than an acquaintance is if the first thing I ask upon welcoming you into my home is “Does it smell like pets in here?”

I’m super self-conscious about the smell of my home. I do not like the smell of pets. However, we live in a fairly small house with two cats and a dog, so there are bound to be smells — kitty litter, wet dog, cat puke, hell, dry dog. And those really awful farts when my dog is chewing a rawhide. I could light an entire book of matches, and it would not be enough.

Recently, I took a break from making the air around me less breathable by pumping it full of Febreze and tried out these scented candles that are made specifically for neutralizing pet odors. Notice that I didn’t say masking or hiding pet odors. I want that stink gone. Neutralized. Bye bye.

I bought these based on the reviews, and they do not disappoint. I have used the Piña Colada and Sunwashed Cotton scents, and they both do a damn good job. I don’t even burn them right next to the source of the smells (because small children), and they still manage to do an effective job of toning down the stinks — big time.

And my house isn’t filled with an overpowering or artificial scent either. It doesn’t smell like I am making moonshine coladas in my bathtub. The candles give off a light scent and do exactly what they claim to do: They neutralize the pet odors. No smells of Sunwashed Cotton-scented kitty litter. It just smells like it did when I did laundry that one time.

I’m probably still going to ask friends if my house smells like pets. But now, only to hear them say, “No! It smells amazing in here! Did you hang your linens outside in the sunshine?”

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