From The Confessional: These Moms Are Addicted To Their Phones And They DGAF

by Cassandra Stone
Yiu Yu Hoi/Getty

These moms think if no one is being neglected and the house isn’t on fire, being on their phones is just fine thanks

The Great Phone Debate is a tough one because, yes, our access to everything on our iPhones is definitely distracting and can prevent us from being present in the moment. But our phones are also how we connect to the outside world, and when you’re a mom — particularly when you’re parenting through a pandemic — that connection is so important.

Moms are taking to the Confessional to discuss their self-proclaimed phone addictions and what they REALLY think about other people’s judgment.

My cell phone battery bit the dust and, in the day it took to get a new battery, I really irritable, and felt like I was trying to get along with only one arm and one leg. Maybe there's something to this talk of cell phone addiction after all.

Confessional #25771552

I used to judge my DH for his bberry addiction. But that was before I developed my iPhone addiction.

Confessional #1338365

Ive been on my phone for four hours on my living room floor in silence. First day off..alone. Bliss

Confessional #25815368

I think I gave myself a hemorrhoid by sitting on the toilet & playing on my phone too long.

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For a lot of moms, phone time = alone time. Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat in your car, eating fast food, and scrolling through your phone to just…escape for a bit.

Going to the gynecologist next week and beyond excited. Why? So I can sit in my car afterwards, drink a latte and scroll my phone in peace. My standards for alone time have gone downhill since last March, I’ll take whatever I can get!

Confessional #25816920

Sometimes when I get hone from work I sit in my car, crank my music, and play games on my phone just so I can get some mindless time alone.

Confessional #25816215

I have been on my phone and hiding from my kids all day. Sorry babies, mommy needs a break.

Confessional #25812200

I have carpal tunnel syndrome because I constantly play with my phone

Confessional #25810240

The thing about phones is, yes, moms can use them for reading passive-aggressive snark in Facebook comments sections or watching the latest hilarious TikTok video. But a lot of moms also use their phones for work-related purposes, paying bills, grocery shopping orders, looking up the number for a local plumber, watching YouTube tutorials on how to DIY different things around the house, and recipes. You name it, it can be found on your phone.

And for so many moms, that phone is the only respite from long, monotonous days. This has been especially true during the pandemic.

I could (should) be doing the dishes or folding some laundry, but instead I'm sitting on my ass, smoking a j, and fucking around on my phone.

Confessional #25809611

I’m not in a good place mentally to be home with my kids today. But it’s 2020, so here we are. I spend all my time on my phone or cleaning or cooking. I feel like a sad robot most of the time and I’m worried they know something is wrong with me.

Confessional #25809395

I don’t have social media(Facebook,Instagram,etc.) but I’m still completely addicted to my phone and the internet. I just want to be anywhere but here in this house with my kids and H. I’m a shell.

Confessional #25807181

I'm addicted to my phone and it's ruining my mind and my life.

Confessional #25806394

Moms are in the trenches right now, and they DGAF what people think about them being on their phones a lot. Some moms make it a point to keep the phones away from the dinner table, and to put them down when their kids want and need them to be actively engaged.

If your husband or kids are complaining about you being on your phone and you’re getting work done, or doing something particular to running the household — tell them that. Phones aren’t going anywhere, and for many of us they’re just a regular part of life and getting things done.

Stuck at home again. I'm on my phone wayyy too much. But I don't have any motivation to do anything else. My poor kids...

Confessional #25805909

I left my phone in the other room while giving my kids dinner tonight. Proud of myself

Confessional #25802469

I get paid good money to fuck off & play on my phone for about half the day.

Confessional #25798030

I stare at my phone so much, I’ve given myself a teeny hunchback. I’m only 31 - fucking gross.

Confessional #25795421

As long as everyone is fed, gets what they need, and nothing is burning down — phone on, mamas. Don’t feel too bad about it, because we’re all just doing the best we can.

The highlight of my day is when the kids are sleeping and I sit on the couch and look at my phone.

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