My Husband Hates Social Media. Here’s How We Share Memories.

My Husband Hates Social Media. Here’s How We Share Memories.

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My husband and I both love our family to pieces, but we have very different ways of showing it. While I gush about my babies all over the world wide web, he’s more of the strong, silent type. Family? What family? He doesn’t have any social media accounts at all. Crazy, right?

He’s just a private guy who doesn’t want to share his entire life with strangers. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate documenting our days or feel nostalgic when we look back at where we’ve been as a family.

I can appreciate that about him a lot. He may not be online, but he’s always down for making memories together. He’s pretty good at capturing them too. He has an eye for seeing interactions that are ridiculously meaningful. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have often scrolled through the camera roll on his phone tearing up at moments he’s captured when I wasn’t paying attention.

There’s just one problem: Remember how we used to take pictures and rush to get them developed because that was the only way we’d be able to see them? Now that we live in a digital world, there’s no hurry, especially since we’re sharing in real time on social media. Since my husband isn’t interested in putting pictures online, we run into the issue that none of the photos on his phone will see the light of day. That’s where ibi comes in. The ibi Smart Photo Manager is a genius way to store and share pictures privately and securely. With 2TB worth of storage space, it can hold 500,000+ photos and 200+ hours of video.

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After a few years of discovering amazing pictures on my husband’s phone, I finally got him to share them with me automatically on the cloud. Unfortunately, that solution didn’t work as well as I thought it would because the quality of the pictures were greatly diminished by the time I downloaded them from the web. Also, videos would take forever to upload, and it would be days before they’d be processed and ready for me to view!

My husband wasn’t especially interested in helping me troubleshoot and felt like there could be an easier way. ibi is that easier way. It took us five minutes to set it up. All we had to do was plug the ibi in, and it found our devices. Then we uploaded to the app and started sharing pictures privately only to the folks we want to see them.

My guy can be a little skeptical about things, especially when he’s concerned about privacy, but he’s convinced that this is a better way for us to share memories with each other and our friends and family.

Dads Want to Share — Just Not With Everyone

ibi has the option to share privately, create shared albums that our loved ones can add to, and an inner circle feed that’s like our own personal invitation-only social media network. I was shocked that my husband immediately started sending the link to albums we created to our friends. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. He’s got himself a great little family. Of course he wants to show us off!

There’s actual research on this too. Clay Routledge, a professor and psychological scientist, says, “Dads tend to be more private, but they very much want opportunities to connect with loved ones through the sharing of meaningful memories.”

Well, that’s absolutely my husband.

That’s why I’m so pumped to find ibi. He can share in a way that makes him feel comfortable, and I don’t have to nag him to share his great shots with me anymore. How’s that for a win?

ibi is the smart way to store, organize, and share your treasured photos. Get control of your memories and be in control of who sees them. Visit for more information.