These Are The Things You Need To Know About If You Love Pickles

by Samantha Angoletta
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There are two things that happen when I tell people that I legitimately love drinking dill pickle juice:

1. They are absolutely disgusted beyond belief, and also assume that I am joking.

2. They totally understand me because they also have great taste.

To be forthright, I do not often meet folks who fall in the No. 2 category. Though I don’t exactly use my affinity for brine as an icebreaker. “Hi, I’m Sam, and I love to chug pickle juice which results in the pickles often getting dried out because I drink the juice faster than we eat the pickles, and my whole family gets supremely annoyed.” I can just envision them backing away slowly, as they look for the nearest emergency exit.

That is, until now, when during one of my late-night scroll-a-thons, I happened upon some more Amazon treasures that the world needs to know about. Pickle lovers, unite, because we are not alone and there are people out there who understand us.

There are freaking pickle popsicles for sale, folks. They exist. And apparently, there’s enough of a market for us to have options to choose from. This makes me unreasonably happy, and I plan on stockpiling these. Move over, Otter Pops.

(And yes, you could make them yourself, but nah.)

via Amazon

via Amazon

Or if you just need a quick hit to get you through the day, there are individually packaged pickle juice shots. Has there ever been a better time to be alive? I don’t think so.

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If you are more frugal, then you can just opt in for the full gallon and portion yourself.

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And if you want to make the best bloody Mary ever, trust me when I tell you that you need this (and pickled green beans for garnish):

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And if you have friends or family members like me, here’s the perfect gift:

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So, yeah, maybe I am a big weirdo, but apparently I’m in good company. Cheers!

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