Ready Or Not, Pickle Juice Slushies Are Coming To Sonic

by Valerie Williams
Image via Sonic/Domincky/Getty Images

Sonic is giving customers a pickle-flavored slushie this summer

In the category of controversial foods, anything pickle-flavored is at the top of the list. It’s a polarizing taste to be sure, especially when it’s in soda, ice cream, or anywhere else it isn’t really expected. But now, it seems pickle flavor is going mainstream, and the one and only Sonic is at the forefront with a new pickle slushie that will have you either rushing out to get one or gagging.

According to Food and Wine, this June, Sonic will debut their pickle juice snow cone slush. It will be a sweet drink flavored with — you guessed it — pickle juice. The brine-y creation will be bright green, which, if you’re me, makes the whole thing just a little less gross? Actual pickle brine is not really the best color for a slushie, so I’m all about poetic license here.

The good folks at Food and Wine actually tasted the tangy beverage calling it “surprisingly delicious.” They suggest pairing it with burgers, tots, or corn dogs, and promise that the “bright” brine taste compensates for the overly savory pickle flavor we might be expecting.

Sonic tells the publication that once the pickle slushie rolls out, customers can request the pickle syrup in anything. That means you could feasibly have an entire pickle-tinged meal complete with burger, shake, and whatever else you’re inspired to try. You could also bring it home to enjoy with a hefty helping of dill pickle dip and chips for a well-rounded evening of pickle-y snacks.

If nothing else, this slushie might be a fun prank to pull on your kids. Tell them their summery beverage is lime or green apple-flavored and record their sour faces when instead, they’re confronted with full-on pickle juice. Heaven knows us parents need to find our amusement where we can get it.