Last Minute Pinhole Camera For Moms Who Couldn't Find F#*ks To Give About This Eclipse

by Maria Guido
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You didn’t find eclipse glasses either? Join the club

Failure is totally underrated. Bouncing back from failure is a crucial quality to have as a parent, thankyouverymuch. Today, we put together a little something called Parenting Fail, Solar Eclipse 2107 Edition: How To Use A Cereal Box To Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Hate You For Robbing Them Of Viewing This Damn Eclipse That Everyone Cares About But You.

By the way, there will be another one in April 2024 if you can’t bear to get to the store to get these supplies today, but hopefully you will have a cereal box and some foil in your house.

The following easy-to-follow instructions come directly from NASA Goddard, who explains on their YouTube channel, “You don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to watch one of the sky’s most awesome shows: a solar eclipse. With just a few simple supplies, you can make a pinhole camera that allows you to view the event safely and easily.”

Step 1: Find a cereal box and trace a piece of paper to fit along the bottom.

Image via YouTube

Step 2: Tape the paper inside the box and seal the top:

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Step 3: Cut rectangular holes on the left and right of the top of the box.

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Step 4: Cut a piece of aluminum foil to cover the left hole.

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Step 5: Tape in place.

Step 6: Poke a pinhole in the center of the foil.

Step 7: With the sun behind you, look into the right hole.

Step 8: Watch a projection of the eclipsed sun on the paper inside the box.


#ParentingFailSolarEclipse2017 is no more.

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