Beautiful Pink And Her Beautiful Babies Cover 'People's' Beautiful Issue

by Christina Marfice
Image via People

Pink and her kids are too much beautiful for one magazine cover

Alecia Moore, AKA Pink, is so much more than just the brazen, outspoken pop star we’ve loved since high school. She’s also one of the most badass moms on the planet, and just an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out, to boot.

She’s raising her kids, six-year-old daughter Willow and 16-month-old son Jameson, to be just as strong and gorgeous as she is, making all three of them deserving of their People magazine cover shoot this month.

Image via People

In the photo, Pink grins with her arms wrapped around Willow, who has a sassy half smile, and Jameson, who’s showing off his first big-boy teeth. Ugh, they’re so precious. They’re a three-person national treasure. We must protect them at all costs.

Of course, we already knew Pink’s family is one of the most beautiful families on the planet. Part of why we love her so much is how she’s so open about the ups and downs of being a mom — and how so many of them are the same ups and downs all moms face, even though she’s a ~famous~ mom.

Plus, she’s constantly showing off those beautiful babies on Instagram, and we’re giant suckers for pics of cuties.

Sometimes her husband, Carey Hart, makes it into the shots, too. Even better, because he’s an effortlessly Cool Dad™ and we love him, too.

Notice how in that adorable family photo, Jameson is screamin’ his lil infant head off. Some people would say that warrants a picture re-take. Pink’s just like, *shrug* them’s the breaks when you have one that little, plus his angry face is pretty cute so we’re just gonna go ahead and hit “post” on Instagram and watch those likes roll in.

Whether she’s using her follower count and platform to normalize breastfeeding, or just giving moms some much-needed, everyday encouragement, there aren’t many badass moms we can think of who are more deserving of this cover shoot than Pink.