Pink's Latest Breastfeeding Selfie Is Proof Moms Are Masters Of Multitasking

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram

Will Pink please be our mom BFF?

Pink may be a super famous pop star, but she also holds the distinction of being one of very few celebrity moms who actually are just like us.

She keeps her mom life incredibly real (and extremely cute) on her Instagram account and has made a habit of normalizing breastfeeding through adorable photos of her and her children. Her latest image is no exception.

Pink shared the adorable shot yesterday and we can’t get enough of this ridiculous sweetness.

“Jameson can multitask too,” she writes. The photo shows Pink beaming away as someone styles her hair while six-month-old son Jameson nurses and whacks his momma with a makeup brush. As babies are wont to do.

She jokes that little Jameson is multitasking by eating and makeup-assisting, but let’s give credit where credit’s due. Sure, she’s not doing her own hair — she’s a rock star, she has pros helping her. But looking amazing is literally her job, so sitting in that stylist’s chair is part of her #workflow, and so is feeding her child.

This photo is proof — she does them both beautifully.

Of course it’s not the first time Pink’s taken to Instagram to share a breastfeeding selfie. She goes out of her way to normalize the act of nursing by showing herself doing it pretty much wherever.

It would be easy to underestimate how far photos like this go in helping to normalize breastfeeding. Sadly, some women still feel scared to nurse their babies in public because of our society’s obsession with sexualizing breasts. It’s a completely normal and natural act, and seeing someone with a profile as high as Pink’s doing it with a huge smile on her face can only help the cause.

Whether it’s breastfeeding, admitting to ignoring her kid to stare at her phone or talking frankly (and positively!) about her post-baby weight, Pink is always keeping it delightfully real. And we love her for it.