3 Dudes Create Pink Glove To Dispose Of Tampons & Just... WTF

by Kristine Cannon
Pinky Gloves/Instagram

“Period blood and tampons and pads are icky, and they must be hidden in a bright-pink doggie poo bag” — the inventors of Pinky Glove, probably

Three once-proud, now-“sorry” German men actually thought it was a great idea to invent and sell a completely unnecessary, totally useless, very stupid period product called Pinky Gloves, which, as the name of the new product suggests, are pink plastic gloves intended to be used to be worn while removing a tampon or pad. It also doubles as a disposal bag — or, as HuffPost UK so perfectly put it, “a dog poo bag for people who have periods.” And, as a surprise to literally no one but the three white German men who had zero business encroaching on — and trying to make a profit off — the feminine hygiene industry, everyone hates it. So much so, the swift backlash prompted the creators of the product to issue an apology yesterday.

Pinky Gloves

“We have not dealt adequately and properly with the subject,” the Pinky founders said in a statement on Instagram. “That was a big mistake.”

Described as a “solution” to disposing of tampons and pads while “on the go, at parties or in nature” (a problem that has not and does not exist), Pinky Gloves were created after the founders apparently spoke to their female roommates about the “challenges of disposing tampons,” HuffPost UK reports. The creators then made an appearance on the German version of Shark Tank — and one of the sharks actually invested in the product.

The way the Pinky Gloves work is, after removing the tampon or pad, users wrap it up in the glove-turned baggie, slides it into their purse or bag, and then tosses it at a nearby trash can.

And, as predicted, no one was having it.

“Men use a hand urinating,” writes one rightfully PO’d Twitter user. “But sure, men, make and shame women into using female genital gloves because our bodies freak you out.”

Just look at how proud they look over solving a nonexistent problem!

Of course, with unforgiving backlash comes an apology posted to an Instagram account.

“It has become clear to us through the many comments from you that there are serious criticisms that we simply were not aware of, although we should have been,” they wrote in a statement was posted to the Pinky Gloves Instagram account that, sure, might start off with an “apology” but quickly wastes no time patting themselves on the back for giving the “period and its political aspects” “a lot of attention” as a result of the backlash.

“And the important social discourse is now being widely conducted,” they write, adding that they are “absolutely in favor of the topic being de-tabooed. It has become clear to us that we still have a lot to learn and some blind spots.”

You do have a lot to learn. For starters, know that this product is not only unneeded, but it’s also stigmatizing people who menstruate.