A Wave Of Perfect Names For Your Pisces Baby

by Rita Templeton
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If you’re expecting a baby between February 19th and March 20th, there’s something fishy going on. But in a good way, because we’re talking about your little Pisces — known in the zodiac as “The Fish!”

The constellation of Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions (a nod to the Piscean trait of indecisiveness). And if you’re expecting a tiny minnow, they’ll be in good company: Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Adam Levine, and Spike Lee are just a few famous Pisces.

Pisces are known for being deeply in touch with emotions — both theirs and everyone else’s — to the point of being eerily perceptive. They are gentle and adaptable, open-minded and compassionate, sensitive to the plights of others. They may seem dreamy and “spacey” at times, but their insight and imagination makes them wildly creative. So clear off the front of that fridge, because you’re gonna need a lot of space to display artwork.

We’ve waded through an ocean of baby names (“sea” what we did there?) to pick out a list of names that perfectly capture the nature and symbolism associated with your Pisces baby.

1. Mina

The word pisces itself is the Latin plural for “fish.” And the word mina means “fish” in Sanskrit, making it one of the most fitting Pisces baby names. If you want to get a bit more obvious nod to the star sign — and jump on the nature name trend to boot — Minnow is a cute, energetic-sounding alternative.

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2. Aislinn

This modern Gaelic name — Aisling is a possible variation — means “dream” or “vision,” aligning perfectly with that dreamy Piscean spirit. Of note, it’s pronounced ASH-lyn, so you may find yourself correcting people a lot.

3. Sibyl

Pisces are keenly intuitive and spiritually attuned, and this name means “seer” … as in, a person with prophetic or psychic abilities. You could also use its Greek root name, Sybella, or the beautiful Norman form, Sébire.

4. Zola

Zola fits right in with the current naming trends. And it means “calm,” so whether you’re referring to that serene Piscean demeanor or the calm waters its symbol inhabits, it’s fitting for a Pisces either way.

5. Amethyst

Pisces are born in February and March, whose respective birthstones are Amethyst and Aquamarine. Of the two, we think Amethyst sounds the most like a name. Although to be honest, gem names that go beyond Crystal and Jade are experiencing a newfound surge in popularity, so either one would be fine!

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6. Lilia

What better flower to represent The Fish than the water lily? Lily itself is a beautiful name, but seeing as it’s currently #31 on the Social Security baby name popularity chart, you may want something a bit lesser-used. Lilia is a fresher sounding alternative, with roots (no pun intended!) in Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

7. Ianthe

Another flower associated with Pisces is the violet. Again, Violet makes a lovely name, but it’s at #43 — just behind Lily on the popularity charts. Why not try the unique version Ianthe, of Greek origin? Its pronunciation varies, but most often is EE-an-thee or EYE-an-thee.

8. Dylan

Meaning “born from the sea,” this gender-neutral name is extra lovely for a little Pisces.

9. Cyan

Every zodiac sign has associated “lucky” colors, and for Pisces, it’s one that reflects the beauty of a fish’s natural habitat: cyan, a beautiful greenish-blue. It’s pronounced like Ryan, but with a soft C at the front instead: SY-an.

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10. Kai

Kai is another gender-neutral choice, and it’s great for several reasons: it makes use of the trendy K, it’s short and sweet, and it means “sea.”

11. Thaddeus

Pisces are renowned for their big emotions and compassionate natures, so it’s only fitting to give your little fish a name that means “heart.” Tad and Thad are two cute nickname possibilities.

12. Finn

Finn is a fun, high-energy name — and a cute way to pay homage to your Pisces baby’s symbol.

13. Lev

If Thaddeus is a little too long or a little too formal-sounding for your liking, why not try Lev on for size? It also means “heart,” but comes in a smaller package, so to speak. (It also means “lion” in Russian, so it would be good for a Leo baby too!)

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14. Christian

Even if you’re a practitioner of the Christian faith, you may be surprised to know that Pisces has close associations with the religion. Not only has Christianity long used the symbol of the fish to represent Jesus, but Pisceans embody some of the traits that Jesus himself was said to have encompassed: love, spirituality, and compassion, to name a few.

15. Kavi

Pisces are among the most creative and inspired signs of the zodiac, and this unique name means “poet” in Sanskrit.

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16. Fisher

Occupational surnames are always — and will always be — popular first-name choices; Mason and Carter are two great examples. But when it comes to an occupational surname for a Pisces baby, Fisher is obviously the “catch of the day!”

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These Pisces baby names are a nod to the zodiac sign that rules over your little one’s personality — and the traits and symbols that make it stand out. And when your little fish comes swimming into your arms, you’ll be the one who’s hooked.

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