Pitbull Faints To Avoid Dreaded Task And It’s So Relatable

by Leah Groth
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This Pitbull faints to get out of doing annoying things and we get it

Have you ever dreaded doing something so badly — like going to the DMV, taking the kids for a serious shopping run at Target or spending a week with the in-laws — that you considered feigning illness? Don’t answer that. We know the answer because we ALL have. Most of us have acted on our impulse. It’s human nature, after all. Well apparently, humans aren’t the only ones who play sick to avoid unwanted obligations or tasks and we have physical proof. In a hilarious video shared to Reddit this week, a Pitbull demonstrates that canines are just like us when it comes to these scenarios.

In the video, which is quickly going viral, a responsible pet owner attempts to clip her cute canine’s claws. But the pooch clearly isn’t into the whole grooming process. To him, it must seem like some terrible medieval torture practice. Or maybe even a mammogram. He pleadingly looks to the camera and into our eyes (or more likely, the person filming the whole thing) and begs us to save him. Finally, the woman carefully takes his front paw in the clipper. There is a pause. As she attempts to cut his first nail, he doesn’t snap at her or growl. No, instead the super smart dog just tips his head back and slowly falls to his back. It seriously seems like he is feigning fainting. His performance is so darn dramatic. It’s just perfect.

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We feel you, buddy. We have been there so many times. Like that time at the school carnival, when that PTA mom asked us to man the face painting station. Or when our child asks us to sit and watch Frozen with them — for the 111th time. Or like, when one of the moms from school purchases a lot of tickets for the Taylor Swift concert, and asks our child if they want to go before running it by us first? Annual pap smears sort of suck too, but like getting your claws clipped, they are totally necessary. Even so, a few of us have probably tried to put those off too, and made up some fake reason why.

So many other owners shared similar behavior demonstrated by their pets. One guy claims his dog “dies” when he attempts to brush his teeth. Another owner says his fakes death at bath time. Who knew dogs were so theatrical? Many Reddit users pointed out the obvious — the dog deserves an Oscar — because really, he demonstrated the performance of a lifetime.

It’s official: dogs, they are just like us. They will attempt to get out of dreaded situations, even when it seems hopeless. They will make up excuses, play sick and even pretend to lose full consciousness. Maybe this is why so many of us like them more than most people.

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