Pixar's Touching Short Film 'Bao' Is Free To Watch, But Just This Week

Pixar’s Touching Short Film ‘Bao’ Is Free To Watch, But Only This Week

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Image via Pixar

After being shortlisted for an Oscar, Pixar’s emotional film about parent-child relationships is free to watch on YouTube this week

If you saw Incredibles 2 at the theater this summer, you probably also saw a sweet eight-minute short film called Bao, which is about a Chinese-Canadian empty nester who finds love in a steamed dumpling that suddenly comes to life (and needs a mom).

The film, which was written and directed by Domee Shi, was just shortlisted for the Best Animated Short Oscar, and will be free to watch on YouTube for the next week – so get your mini-bags of popcorn and tiny sodas ready.

The computer animated film, which is free of dialogue, follows an aging mom who “adopts” a steam dumpling that has come to live on her table. The pair share everything together (including pastries) but, just as her first child did, the baby bao grows up far too fast.

The movie was praised by audiences and critics alike when it was released, both for its amazing animation (which pays homage to claymation and stop-motion animation) and for its sometimes-shocking story that hits upon the issues of immigration, parenthood, aging, and acceptance.

Some were critical of its storyline, saying that it didn’t make sense, or that it wasn’t representative of their parent-child relationships, but people in Asian and immigrant communities quickly clapped back, explaining that the story resonated deeply with their experiences (and even if a story doesn’t resonate with you — maybe be quiet about it and continue to live your life?).

Mostly, though, people are thrilled to have a film to watch with their kids that captures so many aspects of Asian culture (and universal truths about parenting) so well.