Pizza To The Polls Sends Free Pizza To People Stuck In Long Voting Lines

This Nonprofit Sends Free Pizza To People Stuck In Long Voting Lines

pizza to the polls
Images via Twitter

Pizza To The Polls is feeding people who are stuck waiting to vote

Voting is a crucial part of our democracy, but long lines are annoying and can end up ruining your lunch or dinner plans. Thanks to Pizza to the Polls, you can do your democratic duty and also enjoy some free pizza while you wait.

“Americans are hungry for democracy and are turning out in record numbers to vote,” the nonprofit said. “But that means long lines and sometimes empty stomachs, which might discourage these brave patriots from performing their civic duty.” Eating pizza and voting aren’t new activities, but thanks to Pizza to the Pools the two are being brought together to make sure the midterm elections go off without a hitch.  The nonprofit was founded in 2016 and has delivered more than 3,100 pizzas since they launched.

The concept is pretty simple. Get in line to vote at your polling place. If you notice that the process is taking a bit long, take a photo or video and share it on a social media channel. Make sure your post is public because then you’ll send that link to Pizza at the Polls on their website. Along with it, you’ll include the location of the polling place, your phone number, and your email address so you can get live updates on the status of your pizza. The kind souls at the nonprofit will see your request and order and pay for pizzas to be sent your way.