Botany Ferns Lately? 10 Plant Coloring Pages Perfect If Greenery Is Your Soil Mate

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Plant Coloring Pages
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We all have that one friend in our life who collects house plants the way Simone Biles collects gold medals. Their passion for perennials and other greenery transcends hobby — it’s practically an Olympic sport. And odds are, if you’re here, you’re that friend in your social circle. Hey, you’ll hear no judgment from us. In fact, pull up a chair so we can gush about our own plant bébés or pick out punny plant names for seedlings. We want to cultivate the love you (and any little green thumbs in your house) have for flora, which is why we created this collection of plant coloring pages.

Plants are special for plenty of reasons. Not only do they give off oxygen, which is essential to life, but they can also provide food for both humans and other critters. Plus, they make you feel happy, right? “Pandemic plants” shot up wildly in popularity throughout the coronavirus quarantine, as they’re a beautiful way to brighten up and bring life to any space.

If you have a knack for killing plants (and don’t worry, you’re not alone), maybe you’ll feel better using plant coloring pages to pay tribute. These free printables offer an unbeliefably fun thing for you and your budding horticulturists to do. Just remember: Your green crayon doesn’t have to get all the action. Plants come in plenty of different varieties with many color variations. Besides, for creative activities like this, you’re not expected to get it all scientifically correct. If you want to color a plant in hot pink, what’s stopping you?

And if you want to grow with the flow more after finishing these pages, print out our tree coloring pages, garden coloring pages, and flower coloring pages.

Free Printable Plant Coloring Pages

Plant Page No. 1

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This coloring page may look a little like you if you’ve happened to hoard plants this year. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having a bunch of houseplants. By owning them, you’ll get naturally better at taking care of living things. This particular drawing begs for a variety of different colors, so bust out some reds and purples for the plants that are flowering.

Plant Page No. 2

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Looking for an activity to do during a lunch break? Instead of scrolling on your phone, focus your attention on coloring in these three houseplants. We think the cutie on the far right looks like a Zenzi ZZ plant, known scientifically as Zamioculcas zamiifolia. What do you think the other two are?

Plant Page No. 3

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This first guy looks as though he could be a member of the snake plant family. A super-low-maintenance pick, snake plants go by many names (most of them quirky!): Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Devil’s Tongue, the Good Luck Plant, the Bedroom Plant, and Bowstring Hemp, to name a few.

Plant Page No. 4

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Are you a fan of succulents? If you often forget to water houseplants, succulents may be more your speed. The cacti in this coloring page will be a lot of fun to color, as their flowers can often be bright pink or bright red.

Plant Page No. 5

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It may seem like collecting houseplants truly blossomed during quarantine, but the practice of growing plants indoors actually began in ancient times. It became even more prominent in the 17th century when English agriculturist Sir Hugh Platt wrote about cultivating indoor plants.

Plant Page No. 6

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Do you ever feel like you’re more productive when you’re surrounded by plants? It’s probably not your imagination! Some studies suggest indoor plants affect our brain function, increasing creativity and memory retention by as much as 20 percent.

Plant Page No. 7

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Hmm, this little gal looks like it could use a bit of TLC. Maybe you should call “plant whisperer” Jason Chongue. To bring struggling plants back to life, he pinpoints where that variety originates and then replicates the conditions as closely as possible.

Plant Page No. 8

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The best part of this plant coloring page is the one on the right, which looks like it may have been freshly potted. If you color on the lines with blue, it can also be a cutting hoping to root in some water. And the plant in the middle looks a lot like a cactus! Did you know that the most miniature cactus is called the Blossfeldia liliputiana? It’s about .4 inches in diameter. (So tiny! So cute!)

Plant Page No. 9

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Some experts believe that plants enjoy the energy music provides. While the science behind this assertion hasn’t been proven, why not blast something melodic while you color these pages? We suggest Mort Garson’s Mother Earth’s Plantasia, which has reached cult status with plant collectors.

Plant Page No. 10

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Since the plant on the far left looks as though it could be part of the aloe species, let’s talk about the vital role plants play in medicine — because around 70,000 plant species are utilized for medicinal purposes. Half of the drugs prescribed in the U.S. alone have plant origins. Of course, some plants are simply beautiful. The third little plant looks a lot like a bonsai tree, the most expensive bonsai of which was sold for $1.3 million. Also fascinating? The tiniest bonsai tree can fit in the palm of your hand. There’s actually a bonsai in Italy that’s believed to be the oldest bonsai today at around 1,000 years old.

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