These Plus-Sized Swimsuits Are Must-Haves For Summer

by Lindsay Wolf
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These Plus-Sized Swimsuits Are Must-Haves For Summer
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The country sure is heating up these days, and it’s not just because of the weather. Between this fucking global pandemic, a racist president who thinks a campaign rally on Juneteenth is buzz-worthy, and apocalyptic-level locusts who have somehow managed to appear even more terrifying than murder hornets, we could all use a legitimate reason to feel good right about now. And what better way to do that than turning on the air conditioner, sipping your favorite iced coffee, and chilling at home quarantine-style in your favorite bathing suit?

I get it. Most of us hate wearing a goddamn bikini. And for good reason. Our white-centered, “thin is in” society has made a gross and ridiculous hierarchy of our bodies. Want to know a secret that can help you break up with diet culture for good? It’s a juicy one, so pay attention. The fatphobic weight loss industry, if you haven’t learned by now, is basically the love child of white supremacy and the patriarchy. So, if you’re wondering why you find yourself more obsessed with the size of your shorts than on making sure Breonna Taylor’s murderers are arrested, you can thank white privilege and racism for that.

If you’re a fat babe like me who’s looking to make your activism — and hot bod — extra stylish this season, I double dog dare you to choose from this nifty list of size-inclusive swimsuit brands below. Every single company mentioned goes up to or above a 3x, and I guarantee you’re going to have a ridiculously tough time narrowing down your faves.

1. Misses Brie

Created by SI Swimsuit swim search finalist Brielle Anyea, this ahhh-dorable, size-inclusive swimwear line is absolutely fabulous. Anyea’s collection includes colors and designs that pop, and the model has also donated a portion of her sales to organizations helping Black Lives Matter protestors.

“I wasn’t made to fit into someone else’s box — I was made to create my own and proudly stand in it,” Anyea tells Scary Mommy. “My form of body positivity is ‘confidence with a bit of sass,’ meaning do what you want with your life, body, and choices. Your happiness and self-contentment matters most.”


This imaginative, fashion-forward brand will have you drooling over its colorful designs, cool shapes, and gutsy prints. It’s also particularly awesome that owner and designer Tennille McMillan has set out to create swimsuits that empower bodies of any size, inspire sisterhood, and embrace fierce individuality. Check out this convertible one-piece that’s totally adorbs.

3. Dresslily

My favorite thing about this swimsuit collection is that its not only size-inclusive, but it aims to go a step beyond and create fashion for fat women that actually looks and feels good. Win win.

4. Target

We all know and love Target. It’s a tired mom’s paradise, for goodness sake. But did you know they sell awesome plus-size swimsuits online that include free returns for unlimited try-ons? Well now you do, so get your bikini shopping on!

5. Torrid

If you don’t know about Torrid, you are seriously missing out on the ultimate fat-friendly fashion line. Their swimsuits go up to a size 30, and there’s a huge mix-and-match selection to choose from. My personal fave is this cute tie-dye bikini that gives full coverage for the large-chested mamas out there.

6. ModCloth

I’ve been a fan of ModCloth ever since I needed to find a cute, plus-sized dress for an event where I wanted to slay. It’s just icing on the body-loving cake that this brand’s swimsuit line also happens to look bangin’ on any bod!

7. Lane Bryant

Few other fashion lines started the way this one did. Lena Bryant created her woman-led brand before women were granted the right to vote! Bryant also she paid her female employees a fair wage and offered health benefits long before it became cool to do so. Not to mention, this company is all over the Black Lives Matter movement and celebrating Pride. Gotta love Lane Bryant!

8. Artesands

This swimsuit line is beyond awesome because it offers a variation of different suits bearing the same prints and colors, based on your comfort level and personal style. It’s also amazing that Artesands is enthusiastic about showing fat bodies in a positive, empowering light. This bikini top is my personal fave on their site.

9. Rebdolls

This minority and women-led brand is leading a self-love revolution by providing unapologetic fashion to women sizes 0 to 32. Of all the swimsuit lines on this list, Rebdolls is the most size-inclusive — and their selections will have you wanting to find any excuse to don a bikini just because you can.

Be sure to wear that cute ass swimsuit proudly, because you deserve it. Remember — if you want to achieve a summer body, all you need to do is A) have a body, and B) exist in your body during the summer. Oh, and also make sure to fill out these critical petitions for the Black Lives Matter movement, because anti-racism looks good on every body.

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