PMS Ice Cream Is Your New Favorite Thing

by Maria Guido
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Genius invents PMS ice cream labels

Precisely once a once a month we are reminded that God is definitely not a woman. No woman in her right mind would’ve created the torture that is PMS. But some female genius did create ice cream labels that speak to the way you feel when you have it.

She calls her idea, “PMS: The Ice Cream That Understands Me.” Parker Jones, a 21-year-old graphic designer living in Texas, told Yahoo she created the labels to show “the humorous side of PMS.” It’s only in concept phase now, but someone really needs to make this a reality. There are so many situations where a tub of this would come in handy.

Don’t Come Near Me Rocky Road – perfect for when you’ve finally sat down to take a breath and relax on the couch and your husband asks you what’s for dinner.

I Think I’m Dying Strawberry Swirl – a perfect treat for you lunch break, when you feel like an evil tiny elf is in your abdomen stabbing you with a tiny sword repeatedly, but you still have to make it through another four hours at work.

I Need More Mint Chocolate Chip – because, duh.

Parker even thought to include progress markers that sort of cheer you on while you eat:

This is the only design flaw I’ve seen so far. Seven days for one tub of ice cream? Ha.

She even included the seven stages of PMS: anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laughter, repeat.

Someone fund this genius, please. Like, now.

Images via Jones

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