The Funny Parents Of Twitter Take On Pokémon Go

by Valerie Williams
Originally Published: 

Pokémon Go is here, the new app tons of kids (and adults) are obsessing over. And while lots of parents are absolutely thrilled the game is getting their kids outside and doing something, others are a little….less than thrilled.

The app spends up tons of data. There are sneaky in-app purchases to watch for. Your kids are now glued to their devices and walking into walls and you’re so tired of hearing about Pikachu you could Pika-puke. But that’s OK, because the funny parents of Twitter completely feel what you’re going through right now and are here to make you laugh while you wait for your kid to locate his Pidgey and come back to the car.

1. Pretty much.

Does the premise of the game feel a bit…familiar? There’s reason for that, parents.

2. You might get a little obsessed.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Go big or go home.

3. It’s here to stay.

This craze isn’t going away any time soon. Might as well get an unlimited data plan and join in.

4. You can still be nice and lazy, though.

The big thing with this game is how “active” it can make your kids. That’s cool, but what about us lazy parents? As this dad figured out, there are certain hacks you can apply.

5. Did we mention it’s addictive?

There are tales of grown adults being so engrossed in the game they’re literally being robbed. So yeah. Your kids will probably obsess too.

6. Isn’t that something.

Because of course they can. Priorities, guys.

7. Yup.

My younger brothers were obsessed, but I was busy trying out blue eye-shadow and lip syncing Britney in my bedroom mirror. Didn’t care then, really don’t care now.

8. Let him have this.

Wives don’t get it. Sometimes, husbands have to take action. Just look away and let them be.

9. A time-honored classic.

If you ever wanted to feel closer to your own parents, now is the time. Finally. Something you can commiserate over.

10. We tried, pal.

By God, we tried.

11. Sigh.

Keep drinking, partner. Keeeeeep drinking.

12. A legit concern.

Like, are these little assholes sentient? Can they see us? I feel as confused and scared as my mom when she first fired up her AOL account.

13. We may never know.

It’s like trying to understand the vastness of the universe. Best to just let it go and pour more wine.

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