Poo-Pouri Users Are Hilariously Devoted

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

Don’t knock it before you try it

If you have poop anxiety, we have great news for you. There’s a product on the market that makes at least the scent portion of the pooping experience a total non-concern. Its fans claim it works so well it can remove some of the fear of dropping a deuce in mixed company. Also, it can make us die laughing. Because, come on.

Poop is always funny.

A company called Poo-Pouri (yes, really) is revolutionizing the way we do a number two with a special spray intended to keep odor at bay and help you crap with confidence. Of course, no one should be ashamed of a totally normal bodily function and while many women know that rationally, the body has other ideas, making it harder for some to go in public.

The Poo-Pouri website explains that the way it works is by spraying the toilet water before getting down to business. The blend of essential oils forms a seal of pretty scent that locks the yucky stuff down below without the presence of harsh chemicals. Your days of discreetly lighting a match before you dump (and possibly setting off smoke alarms at work, an unbelievable brand of humiliation, trust me) to disguise the nose goblins are over. Because as Poo-Pouri’s ecstatic devotees will tell you, this shit works.

Pun completely intended.

And this is where I become endlessly glad that I don’t write under my real name because I’m about to get very disgustingly real with ya’ll. I have Poo-Pouri. Yup. My mother bought it for me a few years ago when I worked at an office and had a crippling anxiety about dropping the kids off at the pool in our huge public restroom. I gave it a test poo at home before bringing my secret weapon to work, and guess what? The Poo-Pouri fans aren’t lying — it’s amazing. You can shit like a ninja — leave no trace. It became a mainstay in my purse and made my life at the office a lot more comfortable.

Let’s keep this little anecdote between us and maybe, go ahead and live your own liberated poop story because you can try Poo-Pouri for free. Just pay the cost of shipping and handling, and this little lifesaver is all yours. Enjoy, ladies.