'Pooparoos' Are The Hot New Toilet Toy No One Asked For

by Thea Glassman
Image via Pooparoos

‘Pooparoos’ are the new hottest toilet toys and they’re kind of…cute?

There’s a new set of toilet toys selling like hot cakes right now and they actually look weirdly adorable. I mean, once you set aside the fact that they’re poop-themed and involve creatures coming out of a small toilet. Because what goes together better than kids, tiny toys, and toilet humor?

So, basically, Pooparoos are tiny blue plastic toilets with lots of surprises hidden under the lid. Not gross surprises, though. Open the toilet up and you’ll find a brightly colored squishy little creature.

Image via Pooparoos

Then, open up the tank lid, and there will be a couple of “magical paper packs.” You’re going to want to pour water into the toy toilet, drop those paper packets in, stir them around, and voila! You’ve got yourself a whole array of treats, including hot dogs, macaroons, and donuts. Also, brightly colored poops — sorry I told you this was kind of a cute/gross situation.

Image via Pooparoos

Image via Pooparoos

Your child can then feed the treats to their squishy new toy, and then — erm — squeeze them out while the creature sits on the toilet. This will probably be very, very fun for them and mildly amusing for you. Win-win. Also, the reviews are glowing. “Don’t worry – this poop is cute,” one person wrote. “Some are glittery and fun colors.”

In case you’re having a hard time visualizing the whole process, take a look below. The ad asks: “which pooparoo will you get?” and I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed for the unicorn one.

C’mon, you have to admit that the whole thing is kind of adorable. I mean, just look at those squishy little creatures.

If you do opt to get your child this admittedly insane toilet toy, I think you probably deserve your own adult toy to balance the whole thing out. Like maybe a really, really tall margarita.