This Potato Peeling Hack Will Save You So Much Time On Thanksgiving

by Maria Guido
Image via Adam Gault/ Getty Images

You never have to peel a potato again

Peeling potatoes sucks. There is no way around how much it sucks. It doesn’t matter if you have a fancy peeler with a blade that actually works, or if you use that cheap peeler that’s been in your family for decades. You will always end up at the same place; either over the sink (if you have a garbage disposal), with potato peels hitting the walls, or over the garbage can — with potato peels flying everywhere and hitting the wall.

And good luck peeling a Thanksgiving-day-meal worth of potatoes without bleeding.

But I’ll stop bitching now, and show you this amazing hack I found on Good Housekeeping that I totally plan on doing tomorrow. It better work.

Oh. My. God. Could it really be this easy?

Step one: score the potato with a knife, all the way around.

Image via YouTube

Step 2: Boil the potatoes like normal.

Image via YouTube

Step 3: Peel the skin off.

Image via YouTube

I’m guessing you obviously don’t want to try this while they are still piping hot (because I’m a genius). But maybe grasping the ends of the boiled potato with a kitchen towel will stop you from burning your fingers off. Why am I making this so complicated? He seems to have no problem grabbing the potato.