Potty Training Is Hell — But Here Are Some Momsplained Tips To Make Public Bathrooms Easier

by Jorrie Varney
Originally Published: 

If you have a toddler, you are likely already living in survival mode. From epic meltdowns to potty training fiascos, those pint-sized people have a way of keeping parents on their toes. You learn to roll with the punches and watch for signs of impending disaster—like the potty dance, for example.

Any parent with a potty-training toddler knows the minute you see those little legs dancing around anxiously, you better find the nearest bathroom, pronto!

Unfortunately, that bathroom isn’t always located in the comfort of your home. Ever wonder who has the filthiest public bathroom in all the land? Well, wonder no more, because toddlers are essentially heat-seeking missiles when it comes to finding the most disgusting public restroom in existence.

While it’s not an optimal situation, it is possible to avoid an accident and keep your kiddo from touching every bacteria-covered surface within reach. Scary Mommy’s Team Momsplained has your back with a few simple steps to make public potty training a breeze.


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