Pre-K Proms Are A Thing Now

Better Start Planning For Your Kid’s Pre-K Prom Now

Pre-K proms are becoming more common

It used to be prom night was something you looked forward to your entire childhood — but why wait when we can indulge our children in everything right now? Even things they probably don’t care about at all.

Pre-k proms are gaining in popularity. To those of you who can barely find a matching pair of PJ’s for the dreaded preschool theme days, get your shit together! Next year you may need to find tuxes and prom gowns.

On the way to the prek prom #prom2k16 #prekprom #promready2016 #promkillers

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Pre-k prom has a hashtag? These kids are adorable so at least there’s one good thing about this phenomenon. But may we be the first to say please stop. Four-year-olds don’t need tuxedos, prom gowns, and limos. I mean come on

So this is happening! My little girl is going to prom😱…but prek prom that is! We are celebrating completing prek…it should be fun! Has anyone else had this for prek? What would you dress your little one in❓❗️ did your child do this? 💚 Esta noche mi niña tiene una fiesta en su prekinder para celebrar que ya completo el prekinder! Es formal también! Que le pondría a su niña❗️❓ que tan elegante la llevaria❓Alguien mas a hecho esto?. . . . . #happymama #blessed #bendecida #mamafeliz #eastcobbmoms #eastcobb #SAHM #atlanta #atl #roswellga #itworks #latina #colombiana #venezolana #americana #prom #prekprom #prek #prekinder #fun #formal #fancydress #invitation #pink #itworks #photooftheday #picoftheday

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I don’t even have formal wear. My four-year-old definitely doesn’t.

“The events often come complete with a DJ and photographer. Schools and parents post pictures and videos of the events online,” reports CBS News. One mother told CBS, “I did not go to prom, no. I had an overprotective mom,” she said, “No dances, no prom.” She regrets it. If you look at Instagram, lots of moms are having a little prom do-over with the pre-k kids.

Happy PreK prom day to the best prom date I’ve ever had! He asked me to prom, brought me pretty flowers and made sure he danced with me all of prom! Thanks Lorenzo! #PreKProm #ImWearingAWeddingDress

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My prom sucked. I still don’t want do-over at my kid’s pre-k.


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This is stretch limo just in case you’ve never been in one. I didn’t get into one until I was 18. 


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Ok, this is why it’s a thing. Because these kids are so freaking adorable. Look at them in front of their limo.

We want to be as cool as these two when we grow up.

The pre-k prom phenomenon doesn’t just live on Instagram. There are plenty of schools sharing photos on their Facebook pages:

Posted by Belton ISD on Saturday, May 14, 2016

Posted by Belton ISD on Saturday, May 14, 2016

Precious pre k prom Beauty <3

Posted by Ooh! La, La! Couture on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Blue tuxedos? Baby pink Dr. Marten’s? We may be having a change of heart.

BRB, gotta go reserve a limo.