Pregnancy Test Ad Goes Viral Because Of One Hilarious Flaw

by Julie Scagell
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We’ll give you one guess what’s wrong with this picture.

Everyone makes mistakes at work. Maybe you’ve called your new boss by the wrong name, or accidentally gotten busted photocopying a picture of your ass to leave as a joke on your coworker’s desk (huh, what?). Maybe you even replied all to an email meant for just your friend where you called your manager a “dipshit moron incapable of running an errand unsupervised much less an entire department.”

It can be embarrassing, we know.

Whatever you’ve been through, you’ve never had as bad a day at work as whoever made this ad for an “early pregnancy” testing kit.

Dutch brand, Predictor, created this ad for a pregnancy test kit in 2011 and it went viral after Twitter user Alex Romero posted the photo with the caption:

“She’s shocked about being pregnant? LMAO.”

Alex, we think you may be on to something here.

The ad features a man and a woman looking surprised and ecstatic at what can only be assumed is a positive pregnancy test, with the words “When you need to know,” written below. The problem? The woman in the photo happens to look like she’s in her third trimester already.

Alex’s post was retweeted over 19,000 times and garnered some seriously hilarious reactions from other Twitter followers.

And finally, another theory:


We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Someone needs to set this guy straight on biology, but we can’t possibly volunteer because we’ll still be pissing ourselves about this five years from now.

I mean, we are all for being 100 percent sure, especially when it comes to bringing a new life into the world. But… really?

Oh internet — you never, ever disappoint.

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