Pregnancy Brain Is Real (And Permanent)

by Susie
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So typical. So me. The other day during a few free moments at work, I started writing by hand (*gasp* with a pen and paper) a post about my memory loss problems. Yes. You guessed it. I can’t find it now.

I called a friend at work and asked her to look where I stash papers while I work. There were a whole bunch of blank papers I had left there, but nothing written. I know I wrote that post. It was not my imagination. No. I can’t prove to you that I did. I think I put it down on paper. From what I remember it was really good and even a bit funny. That is if you call other people’s pathetic cognitive decline funny. It is not my fault. Honestly. Someone told me that with every pregnancy you lose brain cells and they don’t regenerate. I have five kids. Oh, yes, pregnancy brain is real (and permanent.) I’m lucky that on some days I can remember their names.

It started slowly. I was calling one kid and I used another kid’s name. Those were the good old days. Now I need to go through all my kids’ names (out loud) before I get to the right one. I feel like my parents. (Now my husband is gasping. Breathe hun, breathe.)

I walk from one room to another in the house and by the time I get to the other room I have forgotten why it is I went there. It is getting a bit scary. Especially since I am a nurse and work in the ER. I head to the medication room and have no recollection of what it is I came to get. The other day, the same day I wrote this post for the first time, I found myself at least 4 times putting wristbands on patients-twice. I need to focus.

Yesterday afternoon I had a rush of panic because I was not sure I had paid my electric bill. Most of my other bills are scheduled automatically, but for some twisted reason, I cancelled my automatic electric bill transfer. I called up the electric company and seems I had paid my bill. I had no recollection. Very worrying.

I guess that’s why I have a big calendar on my refrigerator that all appointments go on. If it is not on there, it doesn’t happen. Actually that is not true. Even if it on there, I sometimes forget what it is I needed to do as soon as I walk away from the calendar.

I am thinking I need to start gingko. But what are the odds I will remember to take it? Don’t bother leaving a message with me. I will remember it when it is no longer relevant. What I don’t understand is that my memory used to be great. I used to remember birthdays, anniversaries and all kind of other important information. You know, like if I have already put on deodorant or not. Yes, sadly that happens to me to. Some days I must smell really good because I have a funny feeling that there are days that I put on 2 or 3 applications. Hmmm, maybe the days people stay away from me are days that I forget to put it on at all. Should check that theory out. If I remember to.

But really, I am not to blame. It truly is my kids’ fault. They have lost me my brain cells. I do know why it is each pregnancy causes memory loss, because if we didn’t forget, we would never have more than 1 kid.

So the point is, memory loss is a good thing. At least that excuse makes me feel better, when I remember it.

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