Putting Together a Pregnancy Survival Kit

by Mikki
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Say you’ve got a friend or family member who’s expecting and you want to get her a present. You could always go the nail salon/massage route, or get something for baby, but how about creating a Pregnancy Survival Kit instead? Think: Everything you wish you’d gotten back when you were pregnant! Here are some ideas…

• Chocolate. Obviously.

• Chips/Popcorn/Nuts for when it’s salty she wants (although be aware of allergies, no one wants a pregnant lady in anyphlactic shock.)

• Tissues. These will come in super handy, not just for those emotional outbursts she may be prone to, but also because pregnant women can be more prone to congestion.

• A Hot Water Bottle/Heating Pad. Pregnancy is great and all, but it comes with a lot of body changes that can be painful. A hot water bottle or a heating pad are great ways to heal those aching muscles and joints.

• A roll of trash bags or pet waste pick up bags. You never know when a bout of nausea will hit, and she will appreciate having something quick she can use in case she’s in an inopportune place when it does.

• An inflatable ass pad/travel pillow. Pregnant women can be prone to hemorrhoids, having something comfy to sit on will go along way to making her feel loved and supported (literally).

• Panty liners, because sometimes we pee ourselves, and it’s best to be prepared for when that happens.

• Tums or some other doctor approved heartburn medication. Heartburn sucks, and having something on hand to deal with it will be incredibly appreciated. Tylenol, stool softeners, and some hazel witch pads will also help her become more comfortable as she faces the litany of pregnancy symptoms coming her way.

• A good book or two. Hello, Confessions of a Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally!

• A supersized bath towel. As she gets more and more pregnant, the towels she has at her disposal will get smaller and smaller, she will appreciate having a bath towel that can fit her when she’s 35 months pregnant. And on that note, pick her up some epsom salts too; a bath with epsom salt will help soothe her aching joints and muscles.

• Nair/Veet/Magic Shaving powder or a gift card for waxing; at a certain point it’s going to be neigh to impossible for her to shave her legs herself, these products will make it easier, especially if she has some help!

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