11 Weeks Pregnant: How About NEVER Saying ‘We’re Pregnant!’

Week 11: How About NEVER Saying 'We’re Pregnant!'

by Alison Bucalo
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It’s pregnancy week 11, and here’s what’s going on…


You are now 11 weeks pregnant, so do yourself a favor and make sure your partner knows what to expect and, most importantly, knows what they can do to help you… like not ever saying “we’re pregnant,” for example. That, and being ready to provide Doritos and Reddi-wip at a moment’s notice without complaining or wincing in disgust. (This last part, as you know, is critical. For their safety.)


With all those extra new hormones your hair and fingernails are growing like crazy, but your body’s also lubricating them plenty, which can mean a lovely glow or oily skin and pregnancy acne — maybe even acne in funky places where you’ve never broken out before. Speaking of funky things in funky places, just wait until some of that thick, luscious hair starts growing on your face or nipples! Awesome. Not to worry, all of it will fall out during the exciting postpartum hair loss phase, along with the extra hair on your head that your hormones are helping your follicles hang onto right now.

You may be starting to feel hungrier, which is a great sign. Your nausea may be subsiding and you’re ready to eat for two. But don’t go cray cray with the junk food. Your little bundle is counting on you to make healthy choices.


Your baby’s genitals have started forming and there are all kinds of swimming around happening in there, but it’s still too early to feel kicks or determine the gender. That just leaves more to look forward to, right? Now that your little embryo has become a golf ball-sized fetus, all the major organs and structures are in place; the hair follicles, nail beds, and nasal passages have also formed. From here on out it’s all about fattening up… for both of you.

You should see your healthcare provider once a month until 28 weeks, at which point you’ll start going every two weeks until your final month of pregnancy when the visits are weekly. Here’s a tip: Make your appointments in the early morning or right after lunch for a shorter wait — no sense sitting in those uncomfortable chairs any longer than you have to!

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