12 Weeks Pregnant: The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Week 12: The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

by Alison Bucalo
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You’re 12 weeks pregnant, and here’s what’s going on…

This week is a time many pregnant women eagerly await because the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically — and with it, any pretense you were holding about not being 12 weeks pregnant can be dropped as well. That’s right, it’s generally considered “safe” to tell the entire planet you’re expecting now (if you haven’t already)!


You’re finally starting to feel like yourself and not like a zombie. Your energy is returning and you may even be able to catch up on some sleep. Don’t get too excited: you may feel tired again in the third trimester, so take advantage now.

If you’re working outside the home, it’s good form to tell your boss first to avoid any awkward information leaks, and if you have other kids, it’s usually a good idea to hold off on telling the baby’s older siblings until you’re really showing, especially if big brother or sister is under 3 years old. Otherwise, you’ll be hearing, “Mommy, is the baby coming today?” 57 times an hour. For the next six months. NO THANK YOU.


You’re getting used to your world being turned upside down by pregnancy symptoms, some of which you might have expected and some that were probably a complete surprise. As the first trimester comes to a close, you could be experiencing bouts of heartburn; this is a fun side-effect of your growing uterus and relaxed stomach muscles letting your digestive acid to rise up. Try skipping spicy foods, eating small meals, and don’t lie down too soon after eating. You might also notice a dark vertical line forming on your belly (technically called linea nigra) which is weird but totally normal. (And also pretty much sums up most of pregnancy.)

You’ve probably heard of men having “sympathy pains” during labor, but many also report sharing mom-to-be’s nausea, cravings, acne and other symptoms starting at the end of the first trimester. It’s called Couvade syndrome; some people think it’s legit and others think it’s just an excuse to gain weight right along with us. But who cares? If it makes your partner more inclined to get you ice cream at 2 AM, why fight it?


The big baby news this week is that your wee one has reflexes — toes are curling, fingers are wiggling, and that tiny mouth is already making sucking motions. Pretty amazing, considering they are only the size of a cork! Whoops, sorry to bring up wine, preggers.

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