Preggo Nancy: What To Expect Pregnancy Week 5

Week 5: You’re Pregnant. Hooray!

It’s pregnancy week 5, and here’s what’s going on…


It’s okay, we’ll wait to high five you until you’re finished crying about the maxi pad commercial you just saw on TV. We get it. You might be a little weepy, but you’re not alone — those wild waves of hormones are all part of pregnancy, and usually bring mood swings right along with them (as well as a boatload of other lovely symptoms)!


Here’s what else you can (really) expect at this stage:
Your boobs might be getting swollen, hard and tingly, which unfortunately, isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds. On top of that, you probably feel like you’re constantly running to the bathroom to pee. Plus of course, you can still barely stay awake.

During one of the rare, brief periods when you are awake, feeling relatively calm, and you’re not in the bathroom for once, be sure to schedule your first prenatal doctor appointment. They probably won’t want you to come in until you’re at least eight weeks along, but getting early prenatal care is SUPER important, so get it on the calendar now.


Believe it or not, your teensy baby already has a heartbeat (though you and your doctor won’t be able to hear it for a few more weeks), and the umbilical cord is forming. If you haven’t already started taking those ginormous prenatal vitamins, get on it. (But don’t worry about the margarita — or three — that you had last weekend; your baby will not be born with two heads because of the fun you had before you knew you were knocked up!)


Treat yourself to a truly supportive bra, because those frilly lace numbers are getting shoved to the back of your lingerie drawer for a while.