Preggo Nancy: What To Expect Pregnancy Week 9

Week 9: It’s Not Obvious … Yet

It’s pregnancy week 9, and here’s what to expect…


Can you believe your third month of pregnancy is already starting? Time flies when you’re having fun! (Or puking your guts out — either way.)

You’re still tired and very likely suffering from morning/afternoon/evening/all-the-freaking-time sickness. If you can stay awake (and the headaches from the extra blood circulating through your body don’t stop you) you may want to try eating. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, one way to help curb nausea is to make sure your stomach is never totally empty. Lots of snacks, several small meals throughout the day, and keeping crackers by your bed to nibble first when you wake up can help.


You might be able to tell a difference in your size, but chances are others still can’t tell, even though you probably feel like the extra 1/4 inch on your waistline is OMG SO FREAKING OBVIOUS. You definitely feel like something huge must be pressing on your bladder, though, based on the fact that you still spend about eight hours a day in the bathroom.

Your body’s doing loads of hard work, so take up any offers of help you can get — and there are certain jobs you definitely need to take a break from during your entire pregnancy. Leave painting, any projects or cleaning that involve harsh chemicals or fumes, and changing the kitty litter (which can contain parasites that could harm your baby) to other family members or your partner. Hey, no one said it’s easy being married to a pregnant woman. But guess what? It’s harder being one!


Your baby is now approximately the size of a wad of gum, not unlike the one they’ll get stuck in their hair someday, causing you to give them a semi-ridiculous amateur haircut. Inside that tiny body, essential organs are still developing, including lungs, liver, kidney and brain. The heart chambers and itty bitty widdle teeth are forming. Start praying now for a brace-free future!


They’ll be plenty of time for maternity clothes. Buy some button extenders or bellybands and stay in your broken-in jeans a little longer. And don’t forget the healthy snacks! When you’re not nauseous, you’re going to be hungry – so stock up now.