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These Baby Names Inspired By The 1920s Are The Bees Knees

Give your baby something cute yet classic

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We know the 1920s were a roaring good time! Everyone seemed to have style and sophistication (and maybe a slight drinking problem). The decade also had a wealth of equally stylish and sophisticated names that are due for a comeback. In recent years, traditional 1920s names like Henry and Rose have become more popular, so it only seems fitting that we keep the good times rolling — much like they did in the 1920s.

In fact, there’s been quite a bit of speculation that the 2020s could very well be the Roaring Twenties of our time. There are parallels to be pointed out. The original Roaring Twenties took place hot on the heels of a critical election, amid a recession, and in a time when a deadly virus had infected hundreds of thousands of Americans. Sound familiar? Perhaps the reason we’re so drawn to the 1920s today is that we’re leaning into the cultural upheaval that will inevitably come in the wake of the last few years. Could we be on the precipice of another period of radical change and, well, fun? Here’s hoping.

Whether you’re looking for a baby name that captures that craving for change and excitement or commemorates a relative from the era, you’ll want to consider the Roaring Twenties as inspiration. Hey, maybe you’re just a mega-fan of Downton Abbey! That works, too. The decade is filled with potential baby names that are unique with a certain old-school charm. So, keep reading for a list of jazzy 1920s names sure to float your boat.

Best 1920s Baby Names to Borrow

1. Betty

Blake Lively named her youngest daughter Betty, and Taylor Swift named a song after her. If that’s not a reason to consider this cute name, it also means “oath of God,” which adds a powerful punch to a cute name. Perhaps the most compelling reason to pick this name, though? Two words: Betty White.

2. Oscar

This adorable name for your little boy originates from the Old Norse, meaning “gentle friend,” and you’re in good company with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Oscar Isaac, and Oscar the Grouch.

3. Rose

Are you a lover of flowers? Or are you having a springtime baby? You might want to choose this beautiful name for your baby girl, which refers to the stunning perennial flowering plant.

4. James

This classic unisex name means “follower” and is perfect for a boy or girl — it’s the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ eldest daughter. Do we see a pattern here? It seems like they really love the 1920s, too.

5. Pearl

This elegant name for a baby girl is as gorgeous as the semi-precious jewel itself.

6. Ralph

If you dig names with cool meanings, Ralph could be the one for you. An adorable name for your bouncing baby boy, it means “wolf counsel.” And while that meaning is sort of a mystery, you can’t deny it’s pretty darn fierce.

7. Agnes

Meaning “pure” or “holy,” this unique and strong name for baby girls has been steadily increasing in popularity in the UK and Sweden. Bonus: “Aggie” makes for one cute nickname.

8. Charles

This regal-sounding name for your baby boy can also be made sweet with the nickname “Charlie.” From German origins, it means “free man.”

9. Elsie

A variation of Elizabeth, this short-and-sassy name means “God’s promise” and is sure to turn some heads.

10. George

Well, who wouldn’t want to name their bouncing baby boy George? Flashes of George Clooney’s cool style and charm come to mind, which is funny considering it means “farmer.” But that only means your little man, like Clooney, is sure to stick close to his roots.

11. Florence

Visions of the “bella” city in Italy come to mind with this elegant name derived from the Latin name Florentina. Meaning “prosperous and flourishing,” it’s a terrific omen for your baby girl — and Florence and the Machine is a fantastic band, so there’s that too.

12. John

An old-school favorite name that’s never really gone out of style. Think John Mayer, John Legend, Johnny Depp. Meaning “God is gracious,” it’s a hip-sounding name that also feels strong.

13. Joyce

A soft yet powerful name, Joyce means “lord” and “happy” — both pretty good omens.

14. Leon

If you’ve got a little Leo on your hands, you might consider this Latin name meaning “lion.” It’s also the middle name of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s son, Knox.

15. Alice

This lovely name from German origins means “exalted” and has a dreamy quality to it, thanks to Alice in Wonderland.

16. Edward

It might seem like we’re going through the Royal family’s lineage, but hey, they have some pretty traditional and suave names. This one means ” wealthy guardian.”

17. Marie

A charming name of French origin, Marie means “lady of the sea” — perfect for a family with a French background or anyone who lives by the water.

18. Phineas

This name is believed to come from the Hebrew name Pinchas, meaning “oracle.” So, yeah, that instantly ups the interest factor. Plus, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel chose it for their second son.

19. Della

A Germanic name meaning “noble,” Della is just about as delightful as a name can get. If you’re the literary type, you’ll also love that this is the name of the selfless female protagonist in The Gift of the Magi.

20. Luther

Although the name Luther was historically most associated with ecclesiastical reformer and theologian Martin Luther, it’s become particularly popular in recent years as a nod to two other notable figures: civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr., and the eponymous fictional character played by Idris Elba in a BBC crime drama.

21. Maxine

When a name means “greatest,” you can’t really go wrong, can you? Making this name even more appealing is that it can so easily be shortened to the oh-so-cool Max or Maxi.

22. Frank

A diminutive of Francis or Franklin, Frank means “Frenchman” or “free man.” With other “grandpa-flavor” names like Jack now firmly settled on popular baby names lists, Frank is due its comeback. And if you add an “-ie” to the end, it makes for a fun unisex name (Frankie).

23. Margaret

If the name “Pearl” is too literal for you, try this charming name — it’s from an Old Persian word meaning “pearl.” Often used for queens and saints, Margaret is a timeless name. And the nickname Margo makes it an even cuter pick.

24. Arthur

This name of Celtic origin means “bear,” making it awfully perfect for your little cub. Once heralded as the name for the Knights of the Round Table leader, Arthur has become cool again. If you’re a fan of The Holiday, the moniker will always remind you of the film’s best character.

25. Virginia

Virginia held fast in the Top 10 most popular baby names for 25 years when it first came to prominence, proving to be a favorite from 1912 to 1937. It peaked in 1921 and then saw a resurgence in the late ’90s, thanks to the song “Meet Virginia” by Train. Time for another wave of Virginias?

26. Annie

Did you know that before Annie was a movie, it was a comic strip originally created by Harold Gray in 1924? Annie was featured as a daring little girl who was constantly going on wild adventures. Inaddition to a cool reputation, Annie also means gracious and merciful.

27. Rudolph

Name your kiddo after 1920s heartthrob Rudolph Valentino. He was the star of the Jazz Age and played in several romantic dramas. So if you foresee your baby becoming a Romeo, Rudolph might be the name for them. And fun fact: Despite its reindeer relation, this name actually means famous wolf.

28. Duke

Duke Ellington made his mark in the 1920s as a beloved pianist, composer, and jazz genius. Give your kiddo a name filled with classic musical prowess. Fun fact: Duke's real name was Edward and if we're being honest, the performer's last name is also a cool moniker to give your child. But whether you name them Duke or Ellington, both are great choices.

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