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There's Nothing Cuter Than This Dog Crashing His Mom's Maternity Shoot

The (love) story of Simba and Sebastian has gone viral.

TikToker Nicole recounts how her rescue dog stole her maternity shoot.

Engagement photos. Maternity shoots. They can’t all be winners, right? At some point, you’ll end up with a stain on your dress. Or, you know, getting your second kid to look even anywhere near a camera proves impossible. Getting pictures done is a pain, and they will always reveal everything you’re insecure about.

In the case of TikToker Nicole (@PackofPotatoes), that includes finding out your husband may love your dog more than you. And that baby you’re carrying? It’s nothing compared to the toe beans of your once mangy rescue pup — so you find yourself third-wheeling at your own maternity shoot.

Nicole recently shared her gorgeous maternity photos, highlighting the one glaring imperfection in every single one of them: Her dog, Simba, has big main character energy, and her husband, Sebastian, only makes it worse.

“So, we just got our maternity photos back. They’re beautiful. Don’t get me wrong. But there’s a problem, and it is the exact same problem that I posted about a few years ago with our engagement photos,” starts Nicole. “That problem is that I’m 3rd wheeling my own photoshoot yet again.”

She showed off some of the highlights, and it’s hard not to laugh... and simultaneously feel bad for her. This is supposed to be the moment in her life where she’s “glowing” and “radiant.” It’s absolutely true. Her husband shouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her. *And yet* he’s too busy staring into the eyes of their rescue dog.

“I don’t even need to be there, honestly. Look how beautiful they look. And then we have this one — let me zoom in for you,” she says. “I feel like they physically couldn’t cuddle harder than this. Are we noticing the hand-holding here?”


When you think the photographer might have nabbed a great shot of the entire family with Simba on her shoulder, you look a little closer and realize what's happening.

"This one's cute 'cause Simba's, like, cuddling up to me. No. He wanted me to leave," Nicole shares. "And this man, whose child I've carried around in my body for nine months, this is him staring into our dog's eyes instead of mine."


“I’m not bitter, though. I’m OK. Congratulations to Sebastian and Simba,” she adds, showing the next shot of the pouting Simba. “This is when I got upset and told Simba that he was adopted.”


Of course, the comments are almost as great.

“I think Simba is just trying to let the unborn potato know that was his daddy first,” suggests Enzo.

“That’s Simba’s baby now. You’re just carrying it,” writes Kalyn.

“It’s so nice of you to grow a whole baby for Simba and Sebastian out of the kindness of your own heart. Simba will make a lovely mother,” comments Kaisha.

“Best to the happy couple. S & S 4 Eva,” says Jen Capra.

“Oh my god I thought I was the only one,” comments Didi.

Many, many comments asked to see their engagement photos, too. Luckily, Nicole shared those a couple of years ago. And, yeah. Same love story.

Wishing Simba and Sebastian all the best!