Yes, You're an A—hole

A Man Dismissed His Pregnant Wife’s Food Cravings — And Paid For It On Reddit

After feeding all of his friends the food his pregnant wife specially requested, he wants to know if he did the wrong thing.

A pregnant woman eating ice cream. This week, a husband didn't understand just how bad pregnancy cra...

If you haven’t had a full-on meltdown or ugly cry in public because your current food craving is unavailable, are you even pregnant? Pregnancy cravings are not just some regular desire for something specific, they are a primal calling deep in your soul that must be fulfilled or else.

Spouses are often caught in the line of fire when pregnant women don’t satisfy these urges, and one husband, in particular, got more than he bargained for when he made a post on Reddit’s “AITA” forum. But as they say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

The forum, which stands for “Am I the A—hole,” featured a lengthy post in which a husband recounted a time when his pregnant wife requested a specific dish and had cooked it, along with an additional dinner option of Mac and Cheese, when he ended up not saving her a plate of the food.

He started off by explaining, “On Sunday night we had some of my friends over and I had cooked two dinners. I had cooked some mac and cheese and I had also cooked traditional food from my wife's country. My wife was craving the traditional food and had said she'd not eat mac and cheese so she could eat the traditional dish.”

After his friends had requested to try the traditional food over the mac and cheese dish, he served it to be polite, leaving his wife nothing for when she woke up from her nap. This, of course, was not going to be pretty.

“She went to make her plate and saw that the traditional dish was over and she got upset and said, "you didn't keep any for me?" I said the guys wanted to try it out. She started tearing up and said "I told you I was craving it and you supposedly made it because I was craving it". One of my friends asked why I can't make some more but the ingredients were finished and the grocery store was closed so I couldn't get any more ingredients at that moment.”

The. Audacity. Of. This. Man.

He concludes the post by saying “She went to bed tearing up and didn't eat anything. She didn't want mac and cheese. My friends told me that she's acting like a spoilt kid and I should ignore her but I can't help but feel like an AH for not keeping her a plate.”

Just when you think the story has peaked when he gave away her food, he blesses the forum with the last line, which sent the comment section into a frenzy.

One commenter shared, “Seriously. This. Wtf. Huge AH, so are your friends for calling her spoiled. You would be the AH even if she wasn't pregnant as you made the dish for her, then left her nothing. It's so much worse because she is pregnant, a lot of women can't eat whatever they want when they are pregnant as things become unappealing past the point of nausea.”

Another shared similar sentiments, saying “1. You should have put a plate aside for her right at the beginning. 2. Why are you letting your buddies shit talk your wife?”

Yet these were mild compared to the others in a thread of over a thousand responses, all agreeing he was indeed, the a—hole.

Let’s hope this is a warning to all the spouses out there — don’t mess with our food.