Lauren Bushnell Lane Opens Up About Facing A Pregnancy Complication

“I’m trying to stay optimistic.”

 Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane attend the 54th Academy Of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Hotel &...
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Lauren Bushnell Lane is making headlines not just for her newly announced pregnancy, but for an unexpected update on her health, which came one day after the couple’s exclusive story with PEOPLE. Bushnell, who is married to country singer Chris Lane, shared the unforeseen news on Instagram stories and revealed she was diagnosed with marginal cord insertion.

In a series of videos, Lauren explains “The first 13 weeks-ish [of pregnancy] were way worse this time around. I just feel like I was way sicker, I threw up a lot more often, hence the hospital visit. Thankfully now I am feeling so much better.”

“I was incredibly stressed out when my doctor told me that but I'm trying to stay optimistic," she continued.

The Bachelor veteran expressed that although the prognosis will require her to be frequently monitored, she and baby Lane are, “Very healthy, measuring great, measuring a little bit big if anything.”

She elaborates on the diagnosis, saying “[It’s went the] umbilical cord attaches to the edge of the placenta versus the middle. So the concern is that when [the umbilical cord] attaches to the edge, especially later in pregnancy, it can sometimes cause the baby to not get all the nutrients it needs, so it just needs extra monitoring.”

She assured her followers that the only adjustment to her prenatal care would be an ultrasound every four weeks, which is not uncommon among higher-risk pregnancies.

The couple already shares a son, one-year-old Dutton Walker, and shared in their interview with PEOPLE that the second pregnancy was "very much an unexpected surprise."

"We had planned on having at least two kids, so we're very thankful that it was able to happen for us, even if it wasn't necessarily on our exact timing. We're both just incredibly excited," Lauren shared.

Baby number two is expected to arrive in October, the same month Lauren and Chris were married in 2019.

Here’s to a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for Lauren and her baby.