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10 Mother’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Double As The Best Gift

Say hello to the inspo you need to share your big news on this special holiday.

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Mother's Day pregnancy announcements are a meaningful way to share your big news.

Choosing a meaningful gift for Mother's Day is a beautiful way to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. And if you're about to be a mom yourself — for the first or third time — telling your mom the big news may be the best Mother's Day gift of all. Not exactly sure how to break this super-special news on Mom's big day? As you'll soon discover, Mother's Day pregnancy announcement ideas come in all shapes and forms. From social media reveals to personalized gifts and more, this list walks you through all the inspiration you need to share your big news on this oh-so-fitting holiday.

But you may also be wondering if it's OK to celebrate Mother's Day before baby arrives. Yes! Absolutely. Motherhood is a journey that begins with pregnancy. And not necessarily even one that takes place in your body. There are many potential paths to motherhood, and you're allowed to celebrate yours at every stage. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, well, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

So, pull up a seat and welcome to the Mother's Day club! Actually, that's precisely what the first mom on this list did. Keep reading for those details — and plenty more inspiration.

1. Pull Up A Seat

When all of the mothers in this video were asked to take a group photo, this mom-to-be didn't miss a beat, taking a seat among them and showing off her ultrasound photo for a simple but adorable surprise.

2. Not Just Any Mother's Day Card

This mom has clearly been hinting at her wish to be a grandmother, and after reading her Mother's Day card, she finds out she won't be waiting much longer.

3. A Super Sentimental Box of Chocolates

Although it's unclear if this pregnancy announcement took place on Mother's Day, spending the day shopping with mom at IKEA sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate! And you won't need the captions to tell you how happy this grandmother-to-be felt. Fair warning: Get your tissues ready.

4. Baby Booties in a Box

There's only one reason to gift your mom a box containing tiny fuzzy baby booties on Mother's Day. At a glance, she’ll know a baby is on the way. And, c'mon, there are few things cuter than the image of tiny baby toes a pair of baby booties conjures.

5. Say You're Pregnant, Without Saying You're Pregnant

Let this cute shirt do all of the talking! But the real question is, how long will it take for your family to notice?

6. Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

The precious baby in this photo may be the center of attention, but not for long — he just let the world know he's about to be a big brother.

7. A Pretty Bottle of Wine

Got a wine-loving mom? Slap one of these pretty pregnancy announcement labels on her favorite wine for a drink she'll never forget!

8. An Ultra Special Social Post

Ready to tell your family you're pregnant on Mother's Day? A photo of mom- and dad-to-be holding up an ultrasound of baby is sure to get a lot of likes.

9. Spill the Beans

This coffee-themed flat lay photo is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy on Instagram... when you're ready to spill the beans, that is.

10. Say It With Chalk

If you're hosting a Mother's Day celebration at your home, this colorful chalkboard sign with a very important baby announcement will catch all your guests' attention — mom included!

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