5 Reasons My Husband Hates When I'm Pregnant

by Holly Rust
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When I first asked my husband to give me five things he hated about pregnancy he wouldn’t take the bait. “Oh no, is this a trap for your blog? It’s not that bad and you’re the one going through it, so nothing really.” After a little nagging, some eye-rolling and a promise that I wouldn’t get upset at his answers, he finally obliged. (For good measure, I also asked some of my friends’ husbands the same question to see if there was a general consensus. There was.)

1. I am always hot. Not just a little hot…like swamp ass hot. I insist on the AC being turned down so low that the house feels like we are front row at the Ice Capades. He now sleeps in winter pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt. He also uses an extra blanket at night as I lie uncovered with a glass of ice water waiting for me on the night stand. Every morning he wakes up with the sniffles and a sore throat as I am wiping the sweat from my brow. He’s even tried turning it up in the middle of the night, but I always wake up and turn it down again. Checkmate guy – don’t mess with my AC.

2. I have no sex drive. I was surprised the AC was his first complaint; I thought it would be something regarding sex, or the lack therof. However, the sex came second. Obviously his pool of attention has diminished with each passing month. I won’t even cuddle because I am so uncomfortable and would rather wrap myself around my pregnancy pillow than him. Plus complaining about my hips, back, huge belly and enlarged boobs is not sexy to him apparently. I would have to agree.

3. I have super-power senses. Everything smells like rotten carcass to me. I can’t stand the smell of his face lotion and hid it from him until after the baby is born. I won’t cook some of his favorite foods, and have even moved to a different table in a restaurant because I couldn’t be near the kitchen. I think being a little high maintenance is better than vomiting in public. Agree?

4. I am a nesting maniac. I usually have a very long honey-do-list every weekend. My nesting along with a mild case of OCD has taken over our free time organizing the garage, the boy’s room, washing all the baby clothes, de-cluttering, etc. He never complains and always does it, but I know after a long work week the last thing he wants to do is to slave away for a moody pregnant chick.

5. I’m an over-sharer. I like to be descriptive with my symptoms to really bring home the point. How else would he know what I’m going through? You would think after eight years together he would get used to this, but he said during pregnancy my openness is more than even he can take sometimes. He doesn’t want to hear about when I pee myself, or that when your pregnant you can’t poop. He finished with, “Sweetie, some things are just better left unsaid.”

At this point, I cut him off. I’m sure he could’ve continued on citing many more. Lucky for him, he’ll never experience the utter misery I faced when baking our buns, but putting up with me? Must have been a close second.

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