Over 11 Million People Have Watched This Pregnant Woman Recreate The Saga Of April The Giraffe

by Meredith Bland

Pregnant giraffe/woman video goes viral

Yesterday, a pregnant woman standing in her bedroom wearing a giraffe head went viral. If you don’t understand what the hell we’re talking about, hang on. We’ll get there.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a very special lady in Harpursville New York, who’s getting ready to give birth to her fourth baby. She’s been pregnant for 15 months, and her baby is expected to measure out at an adorable 150 pounds, 72 inches. Her name is April, and she’s a giraffe living at Animal Adventure Park.

In this now viral seven-minute video, a heavily pregnant Erin Dietrich/April The Giraffe (wearing pearls, because both woman and giraffe are ladies) paces, sits on her bed, rocks in a rocking chair, dances, and even does a few jumping jacks while she tries to while away the time. I might have missed an activity or two because I admit I did not watch the whole thing. That’s not to say I didn’t appreciate it, however: this video didn’t make me laugh, but it is super weird, and I am all-in for the super weird.

April rose to fame after the park put a webcam in her barn and started live-streaming the video over a week ago. Since then, the internet has watched with rapt attention as April mostly stands still and occasionally walks from one side of her stall to the other. Millions of people have checked into the live stream, and there are 97, 600 people watching as this post is being written. Needless to say, the internet is getting impatient waiting for April to give birth, something Facebook user Erin Dietrich played on in her video which, since she posted it last night, has now been viewed over 11 million times.

When I was first linked to the video, it took me a minute to understand what I was seeing, and I admit I was a bit alarmed. I thought it was some kind of fetish video, but then it clicked and I said, “Ah. Ok. So there’s not going to be a second giraffe. Good.”

In the comments, Erin says that she has been obsessed with April, so she and her husband decided to get a giraffe masks (as you do) and from there the idea for this mockumentary was born. As the video got more and more views, she wrote: “Omg I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this!” And people really are loving this video; most of the comments say things like: “I just almost choked to death on my own laugh,” and “LOL!!! Rolling on the floor with laughter and tears rolling down my face! So cute!! This is priceless!!”

We’re glad, however, that Erin isn’t so committed to her art that she is keeping a round-the-clock live-stream going. But stay weird, Erin. And best of luck when your baby, who we assume will be named April (Aprilo if it’s a boy) arrives.