Everything You Need To Help Your Teenager Get Organized For High School

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Do you remember what it was like getting ready for the first day of school when you were a teenager? For most of us, the focus was on making sure we had the “right” clothes and shoes, and trying to figure out if any of our friends were going to be in our classes.

That was pretty much it.

I don’t know if kids these days are more mature than us, or if we were just slackers, but now there’s way more than just wardrobe to think about when a kid is getting ready for high school. I’m not talking about school supplies, either. That’s the easy part. That’s where we come in as the parents. It’s our job to make sure our teens are equipped to have a great school year. After all, even though they might be big, stinky high-schoolers now, they’ll always be our babies!

1. Time Management Skills

With so much pulling at a kid’s attention these days (Gaming! Social media! Soccer practice!), helping them prioritize responsibilities is critical. If you’ve ever had to drop off a pair of forgotten cleats to the school office, you know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s uploading a calendar app, or using a good old-fashioned wall planner, teaching your teen how to manage their time will set them up for success for the whole school year — meaning fewer interruptions to your day to save theirs!

2. Good Grooming Habits

As much as things have changed since we were in high school, one thing has stayed the same. Teen body odor is real. My nose hairs still bristle at the memory. Thankfully, it’s easy to encourage good grooming habits in your teenage boy by teaching a simple routine. Head over to Walmart to pick up the #1 teen boy approved grooming products. Then, shower with AXE Apollo Body Wash and shampoo with AXE Apollo Shampoo. Finally, apply AXE Apollo Antiperspirant Deodorant , a little AXE Apollo Body Spray, and they’re done! Society will thank you for it.

3. Digital Citizenship

Our teens might be more technically savvy than us, but the one thing we still have over them is experience and common sense. Before you send your kid off to high school, sit down and have a talk with them about your family rules for being online, whether or not you have chosen to give them a device of their own. A digital contract is a great way to get mutual agreement on how, when, and what your teen does online.

4. Confidence Boosters

The last thing you need to make sure your kid is organized for high school is whatever it is they need to feel confident and self-assured. Teens who feel comfortable in their own skin do better in school. That might be a book bag that is big enough to carry all of their textbooks and their instrument, and make them look fly! It could be a fresh haircut before the first day of class or new graphic tees. It could be finding their squad in a club for kids with similar interests or life experiences. Whatever it is, even a little confidence booster can go a long way in turning high school from the “absolute worst” into “legit fun.”

High school doesn’t have to stink. Between us helping our kids be organized and AXE helping them smell good, our teens are going to have a great year!

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