Prince William Is Now 'His Royal Thighness' After Peering Longingly Into A KFC

by Christina Marfice
HENRY NICHOLLS/Jeremy Selwyn/Getty and KFC UK & Ireland

Someone just give Prince William some fried chicken

Even though they’re some of the wealthiest people on the planet, there’s just a lot that seems really relatable about the royal family. Maybe it’s the way they rewear some of those expensive designer clothes to multiple events. Maybe it’s the way Kate Middleton often gets photographed trying really hard to keep three young kids under control in public, to varying degrees of success. But never, ever has a royal been as relatable as Prince William is today, after photos surfaced online showing him gazing longingly through the windows of a KFC.

KFC’s UK and Ireland Twitter account shared the photo, with, TBH, the perfect caption.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the moment was captured during a royal outing to the the Hold Still photography exhibition, which documented the lives of UK citizens in quarantine this year. Even being on official royal business didn’t stop the future King of England from stopping near London’s Waterloo Station to take a quick peek at some hot and fresh American fried goodness.

Honestly, been there. Who hasn’t been a little peckish after a day of perusing fine art, and had an internal battle with oneself while peering longingly through the window of a KFC: “Just one thigh. A drumstick? No. We have food at home. But maybe just a biscuit to eat on the train.”

The incident has even earned Prince William a new nickname, courtesy of KFC itself.

And of course, you’ve got to wonder what people on the other side of the glass were thinking. Imagine this: You’re sitting at the window about to tuck into a Double Down™ after a hard day. You look up, expecting to watch anonymous passers by on a busy London street while you eat your feelings, but instead, you find yourself eye to eye with Prince William. The future King of England, and yes, he is judging you for your dining choices.

OK, it was probably more pleasant than that.

But anyway, Prince William. He’s just like us, amirite? So in tune with his average citizens.


We just have one request remaining. We need Wills to eat the chicken. We don’t really know why. It’s just what 2020 needs. We didn’t make the rules, but you bet we’re going to enforce them. And this is Prince William we’re talking about, so just getting him a dark meat meal isn’t going to cut it. We don’t think even a Family Feast will suffice. Someone get His Royal Thighness his own KFC.

He deserves it.