Get Out Of My Phone, Photos, And Onto My Wall

Get Out Of My Phone, Photos, And Onto My Wall

July 29, 2018 Updated November 9, 2020

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My Instagram feed is filled with the good life — there’s photos of us doing all kinds of things, candid shots of my kids, selfies galore, and my Facebook feed isn’t any different. But my walls? Oh, they’re bare as hell.

I thought about organizing my photos all the time. Yes, I THOUGHT about the multiple steps and many subtle levels of photo-organizing, and I crapped out. I decided to live with the mom guilt because I’ve been living with it for so long that what’s another day? Or a million.

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Basically I have a disease, just like every other mom I know, and it’s called “printfluenza.” Printfluenza can best be described as a serious case of “I can’t even.” As in I can’t even bear the thought of actually printing a photo, finding a frame, buying a frame, deciding on which wall, finding a nail, finding a hammer— or those wall stickers that can hold the weight of a human — and repeat.

But there’s a game changer I’ve discovered that takes all the “can’t even”s and does everything for me — which only proves my point that if you wait long enough, something will come along and make your procrastination so very much worth it.

TouchNote is that game changer and printfluenza’s cure. It’s an app that gets the photos off of your phone and onto your wall.

Here’s how easily TouchNote takes everything you were feeling guilty about and turns it into a positive.

Drowning in Photos on My Phone

Too many photos? There is no such thing! While sitting at the pool, I was able to wrestle my phone pics into submission just by tap-tap-tapping away. I organized three years’ worth of photos like a magic wand is a real thing I posses. With TouchNote Gallery Frames, I have up to 24 spaces to work with. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

Leave My House? As If!

That is not a thing I ever want to do. It’s like talking to an actual person on a phone. JUST WHY?! Printfluenza’s most real struggle is leaving the house to pick up photos to then bring them back home and organize all over again. I LIVE for package deliveries because it maximizes my time by making me efficient when I am, in fact, not at all. It’s like hiding my true self from myself. Which is, essentially, what I’m doing here — I’m hiding the fact that an app has done all the work I never really planned to do but was trying convince myself I’d “get around to it.”

No Time for That

It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I’m a mom, and I simply do not have any extra time. Even if I ever did develop my pics, there’s still the exhausting step of finding a frame — meaning you can try to hunt down a cute one at your big box store and hope it comes with a nice mat to really make the photo stand out, but every time I try to do that it’s a DISASTER. The frame either doesn’t really fit the photo even though I was sure I got the measurements right, or the mat that comes with the frame covers the best part of the image. Or I have to take it to a professional framer who charges me a million dollars.

It makes me tired just thinking about it.

With TouchNote, everything is done with just five screen taps.


The hardest work I actually have to do? Simply putting my beautiful creations up on the wall. Which I know will TOTALLY happen, like any time now, I SWEAR.

gallery frame

With TouchNote you can turn your photos into thoughtful postcards, greeting cards, and photo gifts, including stunning, gallery-art quality framed photos, with just a few taps! Download TouchNote on the AppStore or Google Play and bring your memories to life.

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