Alisa Kennedy Jones

Alisa Kennedy Jones is an award-winning writer covering peri/menopause, midlife women’s journeys, and sexuality. She is currently EIC of THE EMPRESS a cultish weekly newsletter dedicated to curating a less hellish peri/menopause one product at a time. Her next book THE EMPRESS AGE: Awakening Women’s Wisdom at Midlife to Rule Your Best Life is due out in 2024.

With 28 years as a bespoke brand consultant marketing to women and mothers, plus a master’s in film & media studies, Ms. Jones speaks “mom.” A bestselling author, Alisa Kennedy Jones is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on brand intelligence. Fluent in five languages, her celebrated TEDx talk on epilepsy changed the way we think about creativity, electricity, and the brain, and her debut bestseller GOTHAM GIRL, INTERRUPTED became a global phenomenon in the field of narrative medicine and is currently being adapted for television by the producers of HBO’s Angels in America.

As a noted memoirist, blogger, and screenwriter, Jones has ghosted four bestselling books across a variety of genres, and her words have been featured widely across a number of national media outlets such as NPR, TED, Hallmark, Netflix, and as part of the Academy Award-nominated documentary CRIP CAMP, Executive Produced by Michelle & Barack Obama. An advocate for disability, neurodiversity, mental health, and epilepsy, her collection of comedic essays GOTHAM GIRL, INTERRUPTED was a #1 new release on Amazon and is available everywhere books are sold.

When not chasing down stories for Scary Mommy, Jones can be found chasing her dogs and stress-baking overly-complicated pies. She also has a thing for gathering all her friends together for evening-long, very silly table read-dinners of plays—where everyone performs quite ridiculously. You can find more of her Empress adventures at and at

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