Lauren Davidson

Lauren Davidson has written numerous essays for Scary Mommy on topics including mental health, playdates, and becoming a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom against her will.

She has been an associate editor at Pittsburgh Magazine for the past 10 years, covering weddings, home and lifestyle, arts and culture, and news. She got her start in journalism at the University of Pittsburgh after skipping class to cover the Robot Hall of Fame induction ceremony with R2-D2 and C-3PO for her college newspaper. Somehow, she went on to graduate with degrees in English literature and English writing as well as a minor in French. She worked at several newspapers in western Pennsylvania and Connecticut before joining a small women’s magazine in Sharon, Pennsylvania. She got her dream job in Pittsburgh the same week she got married in 2013.

A native of western Pennsylvania, she is proudly not a Pittsburgh Steelers fan but will attend a football game if someone buys her nachos. She has three boys, one girl, one cat and a writer husband. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading about writing, talking about writing and thinking about things she’d like to write about. She also enjoys going to the movies and exploring her city with her kids, and she thinks winter is the best season and she is correct.


I've Made It 10 Years As A Mom. Here's What I Know.

ByLauren Davidson

Along with celebrating the person he’s becoming, I’m celebrating my own anniversary.

extra sprinkles

We Saved Valentine's Day From Being A Big Disappointment Every Year

ByLauren Davidson

A slight pivot made everything better.

fair share

I Don't Need Help. I Need A Parenting Co-Worker.

ByLauren Davidson

You’re not “helping” me. We’re in this together.

holiday traditions

Trust Me, You’re Doing Enough For The Holidays

ByLauren Davidson

Even if you don’t feel like it, your kids are experiencing magic. I promise.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

My Kids Absolutely Fit The Birth Order Stereotypes

ByLauren Davidson

So much for thinking I’m raising all my kids the same.

just chill

Yes, My Picky Eater Is Still Picky On Thanksgiving

ByLauren Davidson

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go … to disappoint her.

Keep it simple

I Enjoy Putting Absolutely No Thought Into My Kids’ Halloween Costumes

ByLauren Davidson

Don't feel bad if you're not doing some elaborate nonsense for Instagram. Free yourself!

no no no

Why Do Moms Have To Ask For Help In The First Place?

ByLauren Davidson

When moms get overwhelmed, helpful dads will suggest we make them a list. That’s more work for us.

please stop

I Said No Gifts & Damn It, I Mean It.

ByLauren Davidson

Fewer presents = less stress for everyone, and that’s my only goal for my kids’ birthday parties.


Does Everyone Have A Million Piles In Their House Or Is It Just Me?

ByLauren Davidson

And why does it fall to the mom to put everything away?

basically unicorns

Why Is It So D*mn Hard To Find A Babysitter These Days?

ByLauren Davidson

These mythical creatures only exist in the movies.

Big Feelings

How Am I Supposed To Deal With My Kid’s Anxiety When I Can’t Even Deal With My Own?

ByLauren Davidson

Sometimes when he cries I just start crying too.


You’ve Gotta Teach Your Kids How To Act On A Playdate

ByLauren Davidson

I get that they’re kids and no one is perfect, but I just want to teach my kids how to be good guests.

the sillies

I Found The Secret To A Good Relationship With My 8-Year-Old

ByLauren Davidson

Sarcasm, it turns out, works for us.

Close to home

My Favorite TV Show Is Making Me Feel Conflicted About My Divorce

ByLauren Davidson

Some scenes are hitting a bit too close to home.

peace and quiet

I Go To Bars Alone & I Don’t Tell Anyone

ByLauren Davidson

The best "me time" I've had lately has been an hour alone with a cocktail.

Everything's Different

COVID Made Me A Stay-At-Home Mom, & I Don't Know If I'll Ever Adjust

ByLauren Davidson

I went from one job I loved to five I … did not.