Madison Boling

Madison holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Northern Kentucky University and a Master’s degree in Teaching Elementary Education from the University of the Cumberlands. She is a teacher, a firefighter wife, and a mom of two young boys.

An INFJ, she is obsessed with Myers-Briggs and probably wants to know your type, although she might be too awkward to ask. When Madison isn’t working, writing for Scary Mommy, or taking care of her boys, you can find her traveling, reading, and trying out new recipes.

grown up probs

It’s Not Just You — Making Friends As A Mom Is Hard

ByMadison Boling

This used to be so much easier.

Van life

Minivan Moms Are My People

ByMadison Boling

Black SUVs? White SUVs? My people are the minivan moms.

check it out

As A Mom & Educator, I'm So Excited About This New PBS Kids Show

ByMadison Boling

Honestly, it’s about time.

lost in the cracks

I Just Learned ‘Zillennials’ Are A Thing, & I Finally Feel Seen

ByMadison Boling

If you had an iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle as a teen raise your hand.

A Love Letter

My Kid Has A Speech Delay. Here's What I Want You To Know.

ByMadison Boling

I’m so glad I’m here to walk him down this path.


I Became A DoorDash Driver To Get My Kid To Nap

ByMadison Boling

I was burning a lot of cash to get my son to sleep in the car... so I decided to get creative.