Meg Raby

Meg Raby is an autistic female, mom, former single mom, second-time-around wife, pediatric speech-language pathologist (SLP) and neurodivergent advocate and children’s author for Scary Mommy since April 2022. She wears many hats as a mom with utmost vulnerability, pulling primarily from personal experiences and unwrapping her experiences and insights with an Autistic twist. Life, love, family dynamics and hustling for an inclusive world for other neurodivergent children and adults is her main priority.

Her past work consists of freelance writing for PBS Kids of Southern California, past and present writing and advocacy work for the nation’s number one nonprofit in sensory inclusion, KultureCity, and authorship of the children’s book series featuring an autistic crow called My Brother Otto with Gibbs Smith Publishing. She graduated with a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology and a certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in May of 2012. For part of her week, she gets to work under the title of SLP with Autistic children and their families in the Salt Lake City Valley.

You can find her writing and planning big things in the second booth at her local coffee shop that overlooks the Wasatch Mountains while sipping on her Americano. Meg believes the essence of life is to understand, love and welcome others (aka, to give a damn about humans).

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